Go For Broker

    Go For Broker by Michael Goodell http://www.mlgoodell.webs.com South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint, the Godfather of the Right Wing of the Republican Party, informed CNN’s Soledad O’Brien this morning that, given the way the primaries are set up this year, it may well be that no candidate will have the 1,144 delegates required for nomination. The way things are going, a brokered convention may prove to | Read More »

    Gimme That Bone

    http://www.mlgoodell.webs.com It is hard to imagine a more tawdry example of political venality than that on display by the Republican no-hopers in the South Carolina primary. It actually started in New Hampshire, when the little yappy dogs got tired of snapping at Romney’s heels and went for the jugular instead. Gang tackling him for his work with a private equity company? Really? One would expect | Read More »

    Run Forest, Run

    http://www.mlgoodell.webs.com The New York Times claims its motto is “All the News That’s Fit to Print,” but when it comes to Conservative strengths or liberal failings, it’s more a case of “We’ll Get Around to it Eventually.” Though not foolproof, (cf. Walter Duranty), the motto does a good job of conveying the editorial staff’s reluctance to print any news that doesn’t fit their particular bias. | Read More »

    Trash-Talking Santa

    http;//www.mlgoodell.webs.com Trash-Talking Santa by Michael Goodell http://www.mlgoodell.webs.com I’m a great student of advertising, especially that found on television. More than just about any other medium, advertising can provide an accurate picture of contemporary society. Now, this is not a foolproof device by any means. For example, just the other day I remarked to my wife that the economy must be improving. When she asked why | Read More »

    What Mitt Should Say

            http://www.mlgoodell.webs.com It’s just a little over a month until the first official contest in the 2012 Republican primary season, which in this i-Pad culture means things should have been wrapped up by now. It’s gone on too long. Why, all the other Reality TV shows, from “Iron Chef” to “Survivor” to “Dancing With the Hollywood Chefs,” are  in reruns by now. | Read More »