Oh My: NYT’s Krugman now admits that “This Is Not A Recovery”

    Boy, what a way to ruin a non-deserved vacation for The One!  Now even Paul Krugman, the New York Times’ “Nobel Prize-Winning Economist” (had to throw that in for a laugh), has had enough.  His column today screams it from the headline and doesn’t let up. Predicting what Fed Chair Bernanke will say in a few minutes during his speech in Jackson Hole (how appropriate | Read More »


    Krugman’s Crazy Crotchets

    Paul Krugman is getting sillier and sillier these days. He’s supposed to be an economist, and not long ago some people in Sweden gave him an award for his economic work. So why would he suggest that economic incentives just don’t matter? The New York Times columnist bashed Republican Senator Jon Kyl for stating that generous unemployment benefits can reduce the incentive to look for | Read More »

    Cat Outta the Bag

    If you let a liberal blather on long enough, they will eventually tell you what they are really thinking.  Collectivists love, I mean really adore, government.  They are enamored with the monopoly on force that government has.  It is an engine to force the rest of society to bow to their will.  It doesn’t matter how poorly government works.  It doesn’t matter how, in the | Read More »

    Asimov Wrote Fiction. Paul Krugman Does Also.

    Given my opinion of Paul Krugman’s more recent thoughts regarding economics, I was not shocked to learn his role model and hero was not an economist. According to Dr. Krugman, himself, he became an economist because he admired Isaac Asimov’s fictional protagonist; Hari Seldon. He explains the connection further below. Krugman explained that he’d become an economist because of science fiction. When he was a | Read More »

    Dr. Krugman, Step Away From the Kool-Aid…

    To the surprise of absolutely nobody, Dr. Paul Krugman has echoed the call of the left for Porkulus Round II.  He does so in the Print Media Organ of The Democratic Paty, the New York Times, in a July 10 op-ed piece. To be fair to Dr. Krugman, I will say that there are areas where we agree (and please, let me finish before brandishing | Read More »

    WSJ News Alert! Dumbbell Nobel Prize: Paul Krugman for Economics???

    Okay, all the puns are over: I had to cheer myself up some way! But the Nobel committee in socialist Sweden has been going awry for years, and not just on the Economics prize. What will the guys over at National Review’s “Krugman Truth Squad” do now?

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