Top Liberal Spews of 2013- Part 4

    Numbers 14 and 13 are appropriately listed together since they co-host the same MSNBC drivel- “The Cycle.” I am, of course, talking about that “something” called a Toure, and Krystal Ball. They are actually interchangeable on this list, but I am putting Ball slightly higher on the list. I put Toure- actual name Toure Neblett- a little lower only because he does a great bobble | Read More »

    Stupid Liberal Quote of the Day- August 4th Edition

    On Thursday’s edition of “PoliticsNation,” the MSNBC outlet for celebrated race-baiter Al Sharpton, his two panelists were liberal radio talk show host Joe Madison and MSNBC something Krystal Ball. We all know the Al Sharpton. He is the eloquent-speaking civil rights “leader” that cannot help but to inject himself into anything approaching controversy in this country and then somehow seeing a racial motivation behind that | Read More »