Obama’s Tax plan with a reality check

    He states consistently, “95% of Americans will not see a penny of tax increase. Only those with annual incomes over $250,000 will be effected by higher tax rates”The truth…Obama plans to increase taxes for big business and corporate America. To any business this is categorized as a rise in overhead. Without fail all successful business organizations will raise the price of their goods and/or services | Read More »

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    Is Drinking Water a Greater Threat than Al-Qaeda?

    Is drinking water a greater threat to our national security than Al-Qaeda?Well, if you get your information from Barack Obama’s website, you certainly might think so. If you browse the “Defense”, “Homeland Security”, and “Foreign Policy” sections of BarackObama.com, you will not find a single reference to Al-Qaeda, a single reference to radical Islamic jihad, a single reference to Usama Bin Laden, or a single | Read More »