Of Obama, UAW, and Toyota

    The influence that the United Auto Workers hold over the Obama administration is no secret, but the brazenness of the president’s decision-making on their behalf is startling. Despite having “no interest” in running GM, the Obama administration… 1. essentially began running GM 2. saved it from real bankruptcy 3. forced out its CEO, Rick Wagoner 4. screwed shareholders in favor of the United Auto Workers | Read More »

    10 Years Later…

    What a country.  10 years ago TODAY, Congressman Ray LaHood from Illinois gaveled an extraordinary vote. From the Speaker’s chair in the House of Representatives, he presided over the impeachment of President. William Jefferson Clinton. Today, President-elect Obama is preparing to formally announce his pick for Secretary of Transportation: none other than Congressman Ray LaHood from Illinois. I’m sure this must warm the hearts of | Read More »