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    Beijing, Teheran, Building Bridges to Latin America

    I frequently complain about Barack Obama not paying enough attention to Latin America. The region affects our security directly, yet the Obama administration gives little sign of recognizing the efforts of China, Iran, Venezuela, Cuba and others to build alliances against our interests. Two recent articles help illustrate the dangers. The first deals with Iran’s ongoing efforts to strengthen supporters in Latin America’s large Arab | Read More »

    The Washington Times: Today’s Headlines — Oct. 23, 2008 EXCLUSIVE: McCain lambastes Bush years‘We just let things get completely out of hand’ Bush summit likely to see many agendasGood chance for clash with 20 world leaders McCain, Obama eye better use of spies Obama: McCain’s tax plan favors richCriticizes Republican’s ‘misleading charges’ Palin’s makeover cost RNC thousandsAlaska billed for kin’s travel Commodities plunge, roil world marketsLatin America leads | Read More »