Harry Reid pretends to think that the border is secure.

    There will be no peace in Congress while Harry Reid is Senate Majority Leader.

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    We Are Not Supplicants

    The current spin on American democracy has the ring of collectivism in its tones. This philosophy suggests that as free Americans we must collectively demand rights and privileges from the federal government. It says that as a group, we must collectively seek from the government certain ways of doing things and organize with other groups who also seek privilege from those in power. This isn’t | Read More »

    Of Racial Politics and Supreme Court Nominations

    I have two early observations about today’s announcement of Sonia Sotemayor as President Obama’s nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court. Headline:  “First Black President Nominates First Hispanic SC Justice.”  Unfortunately both parts of this statement are inaccurate.  Our president is not black but of mixed race.  Sotemayor is not the first Hispanic nominee.  FDR nominated an Hispanic justice (a Spanish-American). One broadcast journalist made the | Read More »


    I understand the election has a lot of important topics, wars, economy, housing crisis, etc… But has everyone forgotten the importance of stopping illegal immigration and creating strict new immigration laws to protect the American people? Immigration is big picture security for the United States of America. I had a liberal friend just send me this video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=644HeIC8kRY As you can see the liberals have | Read More »


    If John McCain chooses a Latino running mate, it would ensure a majority of Latinos voting for the G.O.P. for decades to come. Latinos are the swing vote in this election. Their political power will only increase in future elections. Ronald Reagan, Jack Kemp, Bill Bennett, John McCain and many other conservative leaders understood this years ago. John McCain’s courageous support for the recent immigration | Read More »

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