Well another giveaway

    Barrack Obama said yesterday during a speech that there needs to be a $1000 rebate to people who are suffering, and that $1000 will come from the profits of oil companies. *Econimics are not Obama’s strong suit or any of his econimics advisors. To take from the profits of oil companies is a ruse to get at your pension money. Investment companies that deal with | Read More »

    Economics and Government

    Wonder what the unionized labor of the State Michigan Government thinks of the anouncement yesterday by Govenor Granholm. She stated she is proposing taking from the state pensions to stimulate economic growth in the Detroit area. Will that make the democratic union leadership take notice. Oh that’s right they want to take away secret ballots so your quess is as good as mine.

    The Most Important Congressional Election in the Next 12 Months.

    Prepare yourself: we are going to have our arses handed to us in November. I remain cautiously optimistic that McCain might win the White House, but I regard it as a near certainty that we are going to lose 3-6 seats in the Senate, and between 15-30 seats in the House. That is not to say that I want any of these things to happen. | Read More »

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