Eric Holder may have an *exquisitely* painful day today over at House Judiciary.

    I know, I know: you are wounded unto death about such a thing occurring. Wounded unto death. Attorney General Eric Holder will testify before the House Judiciary Committee Wednesday, where Republicans say they’ll grill him about the Justice Department’s secret review of Associated Press phone records and the IRS targeting of conservative groups for extra tax scrutiny, among other issues. The oversight hearing had already | Read More »

    Dr Doom Deals A Losing Hand.

    Imagine that Obama’s latest disaster wasn’t dead on arrival. Say the nation suddenly decided en masse to completely dismantle our nuclear deterrent as a shining example to the world. How safe would you feel? Obama and Medvedev at the APEC summit in Yokohama, November 2010. Realistically, we’d be stuck in a conventional defensive posture without the strength to curtail the spread of nuclear weapons. With | Read More »

    WikiLeaks Case Shows Why DADT Must Be Maintained

    Many have wondered whether the massive leak of classified documents to was politically motivated. Well now we know. It turns out the PFC Bradley Manning is a gay activist who managed to enlist and be placed in a sensitive assignment and whose anger over the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy may have led him to publicize highly classified documents. Of course, our inquiring media | Read More »

    What Was Once Patriotic Is Now Treason

    During the Bush administration, leaks out of the Pentagon, State Department, and CIA that would undermine national security were routinely praised by the Democrats and mainstream media as patriotic.Now that leaks are coming out showing just how inept Barack Obama’s foreign policy dithering has become, leakers must be shut down. The administration is insisting that the Pentagon do something about all the meddlesome leaks that | Read More »

    Strictly business, Madam Speaker.

    A pair of stories (HT: Hot Air Headlines, here and here) illustrate the sudden appearance of troubles for the Speaker of the House rather neatly. First, the general: Democrats: CIA is out to get us Democrats charged Tuesday that the CIA has released documents about congressional briefings on harsh interrogation techniques in order to deflect attention and blame away from itself. and now, the specific: | Read More »

    McCain’s Rodents of Unusual Size

    Just wanted to make a brief observation regarding the Palin smears coming from the McCain camp. I’ve commented before that my personal experience working for a McCain organization in D.C. in the 1990s gave me the impression that McCain was a snake and the people he surrounded himself with were mostly (as the Princess Bride put it) “Rodents of Unusual Size.” The cowardly (dare I | Read More »