Unions Forfeit My Sympathy

    To say that my mother’s family was rabidly pro-union would be to demean the word “rabidly.” They were coal mining people from along the Kentucky-Tennessee state line. My grandmother lived in a company town- A town where the mine owners literally owned the town. They were partly paid in script that could be spent at the company store. If you displeased the boss, you weren’t | Read More »

    The Matrix and the Journolist

    Don’t you just hate it when some guy peddles his wares? People are always trying to sell you something. It bothers us and gets our back up. Wouldn’t it be nice if people were not always playing some angle? What if they did it for you, not just for grubby, greed-soaked self-interest? Why can’t these idiots just stop bugging us during dinner? A lot of | Read More »

    On The Innocent Victims of War

    A few of you may have seen the terrible video of the Reuters journalists caught in the crossfire in Iraq. Lefties have been going crazy over it – “Murder!” “War Crimes!” “Imperialism!” They are, of course, wrong. Lefties usually are. As the conservative blogosphere has repeated ad nauseam (including here - http://www.redstate.com/streiff/2010/04/06/politico-editor-hails-cheap-slander-as-heroic-internet-journalism/), if you hide in the woods and pretend to be a deer, you can’t | Read More »