Dishonor in Death: The Left “eulogizes” Andrew Breitbart

        The body was still warm, Andrew Breitbart’s spouse and children in pain, when the Tweets started rolling in.  As anyone who followed Andrew knows, he was famous for retweeting the onslaught against him–every vile, disgusting f-in this or f-you that on his account.  Even in death, the onslaught persisted, and so – to honor him – I seized the mantle, retweeting and recording, | Read More »

    Thieves steal Mojave cross

    Thieves steal Mojave cross Remember the Mojave Desert War Memorial? The one the ACLU wanted to tear down? On April 28th, the Supreme Court saved it, handing Veterans a victory, but as of last night (May11th), it’s gone. Stolen. Someone cut the bolts, felled the cross, and disappeared. The theft adds to the lunacy playing out across the nation—kids being asked to remove patriotic clothes; | Read More »