Silly Leftists Are Upset By Me Telling The Truth About Ted Kennedy

    The leftists of the world are in full cry mode over me pointing out Ted Kennedy is to blame for Scott Brown getting elected. It is a simple truth that even Rick Sanchez had to admit, on CNN, made sense.Nonetheless, some silly leftist emailed me at my city council address a link to a thread at a leftwing site where they are attacking me for | Read More »

    Tools and Haters

    No doubt it was a leftist who did it, but somebody just tried to register me, with my personal email address, at that Stormfront Neo-Nazi website.Nice try. Luckily those people have you confirm your email address, which came to me.Try, try again morons.BTW, no doubt if they had done this successfully, MSNBC would have run breaking news throughout the day that I’m a member there | Read More »

    Greg Sargent Continues Carrying Water for the Left

    Greg Sargent, a leftist hack who now pretends to be an objective journalist, has never been able to help himself. Those who follow his writings at the Plum Line, where he blogs, and on Twitter, can see for themselves that he is nothing but a leftist hack with a few posts thrown in for good measure to keep up appearances. Take today. Sargent decided to | Read More »

    Suppressed reports vindicate Palin polar bear policy

    Early in January, a Sarah Palin op-ed appeared in the NY Times in which she argued against adding the Polar Bear to the list of endangered species because the polar bear populations in the Arctic were healthy: “…polar bears are more numerous now than they were 40 years ago. The polar bear population in the southern Beaufort Sea off Alaska’s North Slope has been relatively stable | Read More »

    Blood for Blood. Ashes for Ashes.

    You only thought leftists got excited when American soldiers got killed. As I’ve written before, leftists celebrate each and every death of each and every American solider because they view the loss of life as a vindication of their belief that they are right.Well, I didn’t think it was possible, but the gunning down of guards outside the Holocaust Museum in Washington has Markos Moulitsas | Read More »

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    He Must Really Want To Be A One Term President

    The last thing a president wants is a huge scandal during the first year of his presidency. Well, through no one’s fault but his own, Barack Obama is going to have a scandal on his hands and it will be well deserved. You know when your mom says, “Don’t touch the iron it’s hot” and you touch it anyway despite the warning from mom and | Read More »

    Time To Educate Ms. Gurofalo

    Well, you know I used to be a leftist, and I used to think like them of course. But since my re-awaking you could say, I’ve often challenged and utterly destroyed every single argument and charge the left throws at my new found conservative brothers and sisters. You see, more than a conservative can do to win an argument against a committed leftist, a former | Read More »

    Who will defend women against misogynistic attacks?

    In this video, Bill O’Reilly and Tammy Bruce excoriate feminist groups for refusing to defend Sarah Palin and other women who don’t adhere to radical leftist views from misogynistic attacks: h/t: The Conservative Xpress And at The New Agenda, Cynthia Ruccia has an excellent post up about how common sexism has become in our society and how only a few have been willing to stand | Read More »

    Look to Each Other, Not to Those who Render our Principles Insignificant and Obsolete

    Look to each other as the guiding light for our principles. There are those we often look to who simply dismiss our values as narrow minded and neanderthal, old fashioned or regressive. But to those in the loud weak minority who will forever apologize to leftists for classic liberalism’s very existence, I do not sympathize with thee, although I find it rather unfortunate, that you | Read More »

    Give a fish or teach to fish

    Our country has just taken such a hard left turn it makes me physically sick. The core beliefs this country was founded on of hard work, honest effort and trying to make a better place for your family and country have been trampled. We just elected a man who ascribes to the feed a man a fish to feed him for the day so he | Read More »

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    The Fairness Doctrine: a blessing in disguise?

    Tonight, Drudge links to a story on the NY Post web site about the prospects that the Reid/Pelosi/Macho Bambi triumvirate will re-institute the so-called “Fairness Doctrine.” I personally believe that will be one of the first acts of the Democrat Regime. But is this all bad? The Post article mentions “a new Fairness Doctrine would drive political talk radio off the dial.” That could happen. | Read More »

    The Socialists are Coming!

    The left has once again exposed their hand. In a recent column by Maureen Dowd, she was addressing McCain’s return to Washington to deal with the financial crisis. She said “It was quite a memorable moment in history for the M.B.A. president and the nominee of the party of business. Who would have dreamed that *when socialism finally came to the U.S.A. *it would be | Read More »

    Come Fight the Left!

    As I commented in a blog yesterday, the leftist reaction to Dr. Jerome Corsi’s The Obama Nation has been absolutely hysterical. Honestly, I’ve never seen anything like it. Over at amazon, where I myself posted a review and have posted reviews with regularity for practically five years, I sat and watched them tattoo the author with over 300 negative 1 Star entries in the course | Read More »

    The Obama Nation

    If you ever want to witness the difference between the political left and the political right please examine the reviews for Jerome Corsi’s new book The Obama Nation. It has been subjected to a bizarre campaign of 1 Star reviews over the course of the last two days. All of these reviews appear to be ideological in spirit and produced by radicals who have not | Read More »

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