Same Pyramid, Different Day

    When Jay Leno interviewed Texas Senator Ted Cruz last week he stated, in what sounded like an attempt to excuse the problems that have plagued the roll out of Obama-care, that it took seven years for the first Social Security check to go out. That didn’t sound right, and it isn’t. But the bigger point is that there is a long history of Progressive politicians | Read More »


    Leno over the Gridiron.

    After deciding to stay away from the Gridiron Club – where everything is off the record, on both sides of the equation – the President has decided to go on Jay Leno: Obama to appear on Leno – will he bring a teleprompter? The news that President Obama will appear on Jay Leno’s show Thursday night could be told in a couple ways depending on | Read More »

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    Jay Leno To Do Free Standup Show For Laid-Off Autoworkers

    Stand up comedian and Late Night Talk Show Host Jay Leno told the audience of The View, yesterday that he intends to do a free concert at The Palace of Auburn Hills, in Detroit, as a means of helping laid off auto workers. He then released a statement explaining his plan to The Minority Report in order to reach a larger audience. “I heard President | Read More »

    Did McCain cut the noose loose?

    John McCain was scheduled to appear on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno November 11, 2008 to coincide with Veteran’s Day.Did he take the opportunity to come out in support of his VP pick? There’ll be no “…it didn’t come up” allowed.Or did he kick the lever holding the trap door shut?C’mon John, do the right thing, not the center, or moderate, or whatever.

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