The Lessons of Early November

    With the smoke clearing from last week’s elections, it’s important to go back through and make sense of the chaos. Yes, most of these points have been made, but I’ll also wager we as a community haven’t properly addressed what they could mean one year from now and three years from now. There was a notable Republican victory and a notable Republican loss last week. | Read More »

    ‘Go ahead and make yourself irrelevant’

    In January of 1999, I was 18, young, proud, and thought myself intelligent. Maybe 2 things have changed since then, time, and my “independent” mindset. Pardon me if this diary seems a bit scattered. I am attempting to process a lot of my thoughts and emotions as the Man that had the greatest impact and most influence in my life passed away 2 minutes to | Read More »

    Lessons From the Election

    Weeks after the election, I am still absorbing the many things I learned about my country, and quite honestly I am terrified of the future. I am a baby boomer that grew up being taught, both at home and at school, that this was the greatest country in the world. Now I wonder if all that I was taught and believed in, is nothing more | Read More »