Weakening the Democratic Base, Part 7: Gay Activism

         In a way, it would seem strange that conservatives and Republicans should even contemplate or worry about the gay vote.  Some estimates of the gay community in America puts it no higher than pehaps 3.5% of the population, or 9 million Americans.  The actual number of gays is not the problem per se, but the number of gay agenda sympathizers is the problem.  Lets | Read More »

    LGBT and Rainbow Justice

    As of February 8, 2011, Manhattan, Kansas has created a new mentality for the state. The message is clear: “Christians, beware.” There is a new sheriff in town that goes by the name of LGBT. The acronym “LGBT” stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender and this organization and those that follow under its rainbow banners now wield the power to start a legalized process | Read More »

    LGBT: Kansas, you’re not in Kansas Anymore

    “Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.” Those were the troubled words of Dorothy Gale as she found herself in a foreign world in the movie The Wizard of Oz. Many have used that sentence over the years for different reasons but in general it highlights a feeling of being somewhere that is so alien to our sense of normality that we cannot | Read More »



    The True Face of Campus Progress: A Report From The Conference

    This last week, Youth for Western Civilization dropped by the left-wing “Campus Progress” conference here in Washington D.C.  It was held in the Omni Shoreham hotel, with the main portion of the conference taking place in an ornate ballroom filled with a massive stereo system and two giant projection screens.  The conference was headlined by big name speakers like Samantha Powers, John Podesta, Van Jones, | Read More »

    Dems Put Campaign Cash Before National Security

    The House voted to repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” against the wishes of the Secretary of Defense and the Joint Chiefs. Notice the common theme of their objections? “Secretary Gates continues to believe that ideally the DOD review should be completed before there is any legislation to repeal the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell law,” Defense spokesman Geoff Morell said in a statement. “With Congress having | Read More »

    President Obama at the NAACP

    I’ve started something of an experiment that I’ve had going on for a few months now. See, I regularly check a lot of conservative blogs and news sources — Drudge, Right-Thinking, Right-Thoughts (back when it actually updated), RedState (of course), Fox, New York Post, et cetera — so I’m more or less inundated with right-leaning news reports and blog posts every single day. This was | Read More »

    Recapping Bidens LGBT speech.

    So… the guy who’s against gay marriage (unlike his predecessor) went to a LGBT fundraiser and told them that his boss (who is also against gay marriage) intends to get DoMA repealed (while at the same he’s still defending it, in terms that started a backlash) and wants to end DADT (while doing nothing to actually end it*); and in the process somehow manages to | Read More »

    Obama’s “Other Persons” Compromise

    I don’t think that’s the distant drum beat of June pride parades we are beginning to hear, but instead it just might be the gay guns of secession firing on Obama’s Fort Sumter.

    Read More »


    GAY WATCH: GWB, THE POPE, U.N., OBAMA It never seems to end. I’m not referring to the Governor Blago–Chicago–Obama–Rezko affair(s), which won’t end for months and which may be concluded with more resignations and indictments than just Illinois Governor Blagojevich’s.  I refer to Gays in the News. First, we have the LGBT set, (that’s the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered set, for those not in the | Read More »

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