Occupy Wall Street Now Protesting Against Math

    Those supporting the Occupy Wall Street Movement are up in arms as 30-year Democratic Campaign Consultant Doug Schoen reported his polling data in the Wall Street Journal on Oct. 18th. Arielle Alter Confino, a senior researcher at Schoen’s firm, polled about 200 OWS members at New York’s Zuccotti Park on Oct. 10th and 11th. Schoen described his findings as: “Our research shows clearly that the | Read More »

    Liberals Cheer As Congress Pulls Obama Left

    Oh yeah. This will work out well: In the last few weeks, we’ve seen: – Senate Democrats publicly press Obama to make the economic recovery package far more robust. – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi publicly challenge Obama to be bolder on taxes. – Congressional progressives challenge the Obama administration – against its wishes – to include bankruptcy reforms in the economic stimulus package.