Link to 2002 Website For Bill Ayers, Barack Obama Speaking Event

    I watched a video below and saw they had a snapshot of a website that showed where Barack Obama, Bill Ayers, and Bernadine Dohrn spoke together at a conference. I was curious what that site was all about. It carried quite an elitist tone and was coding its effort to promote socialism through intellectuals. You can see where Ayers and Obama spoke on the same | Read More »

    Income Disparity

    Is a significant income disparity of any consequence? Other than stirring up envy among the “have-nots” does it affect anyone? Does the total of one man’s bank account have any impact on someone else’s lifestyle? Why can’t Americans point to a disparity in incomes and say “that is proof that success is achievable in America”? Maybe the most important question is whether or not the | Read More »

    Pharisaism and Nanny-State Liberalism

    The state of Maryland is sending out signs with a large pumpkin and the words “NO CANDY AT THIS RESIDENCE” to sex offenders and requiring them to post it on their door during Halloween trick-or-treat activities. Additionally, the sex offenders must stay at home, keep their outdoor lights off, and not answer the door. Violations of this directive could be viewed as a violation of | Read More »

    The left playbook

    The liberals have wisely played the rules set out by radical sal alinksy. They purchased enough media power and infiltrated education at all levels. You control the message you control the outcome. This is evident in how NBC handled the SNL skit removal damaging the democrats, but has not removed one iotta of their skits of Palin. MSNBC can not even talk without it sounding | Read More »

    Liberalism vs. Conservatism

    This is a topic that has interested me as of late: the idea that liberalism is an emotional ideology whereas conservatism is, at its root, rational. I’ve detailed previously that my earlier attachment to liberalism was based upon emotions, most particularly that of envy, and that my turn to conservatism was based upon a careful process of research and rational thought. In my opinion any | Read More »

    Red vs. Blue Instead of Blue vs. Gray

    I just had the weirdest thought….this country has not been as divided as it today since the War Between the States, A.K.A. The Civil War, some 140 + years ago. We are not divided over the issue of slavery or states rights like back then. Our divisions today include: socialism vs. capitalism pro-abortion vs. pro-life anti death penalty vs. pro death penalty open borders with | Read More »

    The Two Obamas

          Equality as a basis for society doesn’t work. History provides vivid accounts of the failure of societies whose goal was total equality. Two of the more notable examples are the French Revolution, and former Soviet Union. It is ironic that the more ardent the perpetrators of equality-i.e. French revolutionaries and Russian Marxists- the more violent they become. It is an exercise in futility and | Read More »

    Obama and Race

    Hi Readers! I’m hearing some rumbles that Barack Obama’s ethnicity may prevent him from becoming U.S. President. It’s true that I am not, and will never be, a Barack Obama fan. But, my reasons are simply based on the fact that we don’t agree with one another on the issues. Never have…never will. However, I have zero patience and no tolerance whatsoever for racists. Too | Read More »

    A Personal Odyssey

    I was once a liberal. Scratch that. I was once an ultra-liberal raving lunatic who read too much Chomsky and Zinn. I wore Che t-shirts and sported a shiny, red card that proclaimed me a member of the Communist Party USA. I had dreadlocks, smoked pot, and used terms like “wingnut,” “American imperalism,” and “a foreign policy based upon capitalistic greed, Christian fundamentalist tyranny, and | Read More »

    The Trials of a Law Student

    I am a second year law student. I’m a pretty good student with an interesting background, including having worked on a Senate campaign and gone to a fairly prestigious undergrad. Like all second year law students, I am searching for a job. But one thing I have to keep in mind are the type of people who go to law school, and eventually become lawyers. | Read More »

    “Liberal bias [in journalism] is not a bad thing”

    For the longest time, we’ve lived with the notion that journalists should be unbiased-that the reporter should practice his or her craft with an unfiltered lens so as to allow people to make their own choices. Thank goodness we can let go of that stupid principle: So the so-called “liberal bias” is not a myth, after all. No news there. The news is that this | Read More »

    Taken off Jake Tapper’s “Political Punch” ABC Blog in response to Palin article:

    If anything will continue taking this country 360 degrees from what it was intended to be and what has made it the greatest country in the world, it is the continued promotion of liberalism (socialism is the appropriate diction). People used to comment on the decency of Americans – you think this accolade was the result of liberals? Think again. They didn’t even exist. Sure | Read More »

    More on the AntiChrist

    I can see that I am going to have to toughen up out here! I can’t believe how blistering people are blogging. But I am not going to back down. I’ll just refrain from my creative manner of expressing things and just be brutal right back. Some of you seem to just be looking for a fight! Maybe I got a little carried away, but | Read More »

    Nice Gentle Libs, Where Art Thou?

    Recently my state suffered a great loss. Bill Gwatney, head of the AR Democratic Party was murdered by a lunatic. It took less than 30 minutes for the Arkansas Times bloggers to begin attacking Republicans. Rush and Sean were even mentioned as hate spreaders that caused this tragedy. The killer voted Republican more times than he voted Democrat (but he did vote Democrat). He had | Read More »

    Here is something interesting

    John Zmirak has written a graphic novel, which recapitulates Dostoevski’s great episode from which it takes its title. This grand inquisition takes place in Rome, its protagonist is an African bishop, and the inquisitor is a most unlikely personage. The dialogue is a powerful and evocative blank verse, and the artwork is beguiling. I am by no means an expert on graphic novels, but this | Read More »

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