It’s like talking to a brick wall.

    Yesterday, I had a conversation with a friend of mine. Good person. Smart person. But also an Obamabot. Unfortunately, I think the conversation was a very typical one you’d hear between a conservative and a liberal. Rather than explain to you just how maddening the conversation was, I’ll do my best to recreate it. Here goes: Me: Did you hear what’s happening in California? Obamabot: No. What? | Read More »

    California’s Budgetary Folly

    California today passed its new budget that included, amongst other things, a massive $14 Billion Dollar tax increase. Proponents of the increase justify it by claiming its only a temporary increase (two years) but fail to mention that California voters (who have never met a tax they didn’t love) get to vote to make it permanent next year.   In this budget the state continues | Read More »

    I just don’t think Liberals THINK

    I’ve been reading the posts and am also a newly born conservative activist.  I too will gladly debate any and all comers… the problem is they don’t debate back with anything that can be construed as reasonable or legitimate.  It all turns into foaming at the mouth railing against Bush (yes everything’s STILL his fault) and a good conservative can hardly get a word in.  | Read More »

    The Hell with the First 100: The First 21 Are Horrible Enough

    Ah it was such a bright sunny day in Washington, DC.  The air was filled with anticipation as the new president was sworn into office.  As he gave his Inaugural Address, the air became filled with what John Kass of the Chicago Tribune calls Hopium. It is the feeling of your spirits lifting and your mind freed from the rigors of the past.  It generates | Read More »

    On the Randi Rhodes Show

    I had the surprising opportunity to appear on the Randi Rhodes Radio Show today with guest host Nancy Skinner.  Ms. Skinner wished to speak with me about an article I wrote at AOL’s Political Machine.  In the piece, I expressed my dismay at President Barack Obama’s labeling of the three Republican Senators who supported his economic stimulus plan as “patriotic.” Listen and see who got | Read More »

    Liberal Patent #2231134: Suing Somebody So You Can Break More Laws

    Today in news, a rancher in Arizona is being sued for actually enforcing the law by illegals who, what else, are trying to across the border illegally.  The Mexican nationals are suing Roger Barnett for 32 million dollars, because they were held captive at gunpoint by Barnett with his big dog.  Barnett began to round up illegals trespassing on his property since 1998, shortly after they | Read More »

    Margret Thatcher – A 1975 Speech about Socialism that hits soooo close to home now.

    They’ve got the usual Socialist disease—they’ve run out of other people’s money.

    Read More »

    Farewell to President Bush, A Decent Man

    It is perhaps ironic that the left wing has settled on the characterization of President George W. Bush as a megalomaniac, obsessed with power and willing to trample on anyone or anything to achieve his evil aims. Ironic because it is President Bush’s refusal to even forcefully counter his critics, let alone trample on their right to criticize him, that has allowed the left to | Read More »

    GOP Mike’s “24″ Premiere Review – A Liberal’s Horror!!!

    To my Conservative Friends: The much anticipated return of 24 starring Kiefer Sutherland had its 2-night, 4 hour premiere this week and for our bed-wetting, terrorist-coddling friends on the left side of the buffet table, it could not come at a worse time as the Messiah’s coronation as Prophet-in-Chief is all but hours away as the looney bleeding-hearts count down every second with unrivaled anticipation… | Read More »

    What is a Republican?

    I am sure all of you can answer that question.  Further more, I am sure all of you can answer what the difference between our party and the democrat party.  So if we know the answer then why is it the title?  Simply put the average American who voted probably does not know what the Republican party stands for and what the difference is between | Read More »

    U.N. Resolution a Declaration of U.S. Victory in Iraq

    Late last month, with scant attention from the domestic mainstream press, the United Nations Security Council passed resolution 1859; which, in effect ends the Iraq War.  The resolution declared the end of the multi-national forces mandate in Iraq.  The authority for U.S. troops remaining in Iraq has given way to the Status of Forces Agreement recently signed by the Iraqi government and the Bush Administration. | Read More »

    Rush Limbaugh: “We’re screwed!”

    Anyone who has listened to the conservative icon for any length of time knows that he prides himself on delivering a message that is positive, uplifting and optimistic.  And from the beginning he has evinced a confidence in the American people that he maintains the left does not have (they believe the American public is dumb and needs a liberal elite to make decisions for | Read More »

    Read All About It.

    I hear that the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, like many other once-proud newspapers, is up for sale. Even worse, if it’s not sold inside of 60 days, it will cease to exist in print (but might continue in a greatly scaled-back online form). Sad. Very sad. I was thinking the other day about how the newspaper biz has changed since I was a kid, throwing a paper | Read More »

    Bailouts for the Liberal Propagandists

    Yes, that is correct. It seems that a Blogging provider, by the name of soapblox is in the process of getting a Liberal Bailout. It seems a few days ago, this Liberal Blog provider has hit by hackers. Which was, according to what I have read, because of some of the blatant stupidity of the owners. Well, the owners, conceding defeat, announced that they would | Read More »


    For the Left, the Era of Cheap Grace Is Over

    As inauguration day moves closer, one detects an unusual air of anxiety among the chattering classes of the left.  Even though the election is over and their man won it handily, they are hypersensitive to any criticism of him.  What gives? Could it be that they sense that their era of cheap grace is over?  During the presidency of George W Bush, the nutroots and | Read More »

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