I am Exceptional

    Richard Cohen, of the Washington Post writes a convoluted article where he rails against the concept of American Exceptionalism (you can find it here).  In it, Mr. Cohen suggests that America is in decline and that we should be a nation of compromise to fix our woes.  Why should America compromise?  I suggest that we are in decline because of a failure to stay true | Read More »

    New to this

    Greetings, Apologies in advance if this is not the correct forum to pose this thought/question/concern… First post and all…. I’ve reflected on all that’s going on with czar’s, O’s broken promises, unconstitutional take over of private businesses, “health” “care” “reform”, eligibility, Dem party infighting, the RCP Congress poll giving Repubs the overall edge, and so on… I’ve tried to get the sum total of all | Read More »

    Mavrick McCain

    John McCain needs to take a rule out of Palin’s playbook. Answer questions quickly, direct and short, and then use the rest of the time left on the clock to relay a message to the American people. Let it be known by saying “my friends I have come here to defend my country and its historical traditions along with the constitution of American, the media | Read More »