Merry Christmas and God Bless Everyone!

    This will be the last diary you’ll be seeing from me for the year. I originally was gonna stop at my previous one which reflects on 2013 and looks on to 2014, but I think Christmas deserves everybody’s attention. While it’s been a tough year (and 2014 may well be tougher), I fully believe we in the liberty movement will triumph in the end. It’s | Read More »

    The Repentance Movement

    Edited by Heidi Munson   I find myself, surely like many of you, pulled in numerous directions right now.  I end up attending meeting after meeting, being inundated with an abundance of information.  There’s work to be done, but the distractions just keep coming.  We find ourselves fighting about bylaws, and, granted, bylaws need to be in place in the GOP and other caucuses, and | Read More »