Vacation all he ever wanted? (Or, educating POTUS.)

    Via JammieWearingFool, via Instapundit) Not to be unkind or anything – no, really, I’m trying not to be – but I have to ask: Increasingly unloved and ridiculed from both sides, a new and embittered President Obama is emerging this Christmas season as he begins a badly needed vacation in Hawaii. Why ‘badly needed?’ What, exactly, has the President done this year, besides calmly watch | Read More »

    Insurgents Pick On The Wrong Convoy

    “It was a good day for the Marine Corps. We killed a lot of bad guys, and none of our guys were seriously injured.” The short version of this story is simple. One shot. One kill. The long version is so very worth reading. It’s the story of what happened when a group of Marines were returning from a long patrol and were attacked with | Read More »