Does The World Come to an End on Sept 10th, 2008?

    When I was a little boy, I was told in church that the end of the world was near. I was told this by my Southern Baptist Preacher because he had it high authority that it will happen. He said, it was foretold in the Bible and there will come true. He quoted the various passages of revelations, about the end of the world and | Read More »

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    Obama’s alters position on his pay grade and his humility

    Dem Presidential nominee once told Pastor Rick Warren that he could not judge abortion to be deadly because, in his words, “whether you’re looking at it from a theological perspective or a scientific perspective, answering that question [of when human life begins] with specificity is above my pay grade” [vid]. He’s been panned for his intellectually lazy version of stoicism. On Sunday, talking to political | Read More »

    In an Obama Administration, This Child Would be Dead

    In an Obama administration, this would be just another useless life. Spared from the vestiges of undesirable existence, conveniently eliminated, removed from a life of divined medical dependency or prescient physical deformity; it matters not. The basic premise of elimination carries forethought that creation of life carries no significant importance when contrasted against the whims and proclivities of man. I am reminded that Obama said; | Read More »

    Warren did not need Land’s saddle on his back [re-updated]

    Originally published in and introducing Gamecock’s DeVine Law [2nd update] Rick Warren pulled off a masterfully revealing “cone of silence” debate with identical, well-crafted questions to Obama and McCain tonight. All fears that Warren was in the tank for Obama were unfounded. His low key approach allowed Obama to hang himself with his halting non-answers vs. McCain’s honest, direct unflinching answers. Obama never identified that | Read More »

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