Starving Children in China

      I grew up in the days of cliche comments. Remember when your Mother always had a pat phrase when you misbehaved, or didn’t use common courtesy or common sense?  No matter the situation, it seemed my parents had a catch phrase they used to get our attention.   When I became a mother, I did the same thing. It just seemed like a good | Read More »

    The Problem with Green

    Cross-posted at Fred’s News. I can’t stand most “green” products. They don’t work very well, they cost more and people who use them generally take a “holier than thou” opinion of themselves, just because they’re using some crappy green product. Green products are Lifestyle Products. They are meant to make somebody feel better about who they are simply because they are being “environmentally responsible.” At | Read More »

    Thinking Left

    *DRM= Digital Rights Management = A means of crippling both the content and playback equipment Look at the above. If you are a rock ribbed conservative the fallacy of the comics argument jumps out and hits you in the nose before you have even finished reading it. You don’t steal other people’s stuff and if you don’t like the way a product is provided you | Read More »