The working wage

    Every time I’ve gotten into a written or verbal discussion about minimum wage laws (or the relatively new crusade for a “living wage,” which is another exercise of compulsive power beyond what the law requires, premised on the idea that business owners who obey the minimum wage laws are nonetheless greedy villains) someone objects that people “deserve” so much better than the paltry whatever-dollars-per-hour, and | Read More »

    The Cancerous Lie of Unbounded Positive Rights

    An alliance of Progressive Organizations is attempting to counter 23+ hours of truth from Senator Cruz with thirty-one seconds of disingenuous horse-hockey. They rail at Republicans who vote to deny other people healthcare. They rail at Republicans who vote to deny other people food stamps. It’s as if being an American implies that you have a natural right to have the government give you goods and services that originally belonged to, or are produced by somebody else.

    In the bizarre world of “Positive Rights,” we get logical constructs that would totally destroy the social contract of any society that attempted to fulfill them. There is never any logical limit to what can be claimed as a so-called Positive Right. In the real-world, to all of these limitless demands are attached similarly limitless costs. It’s analogous to the Work-Energy Relationship in Physics.

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    Death by “living wage” (NY Post)

    Friday’s New York Post contains an editorial and an opinion about how New York’s labor-controlled legislators still chase away jobs–even with the state so close to bankruptcy. The New York Post’s editorial: Andrew’s sad symbol Posted: November 12, 2010 (…) Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. is a member of Cuomo’s economic-development advisory team. That would be the same Ruben Diaz Jr. who a) presides | Read More »