The GM Success Story . . . a farce

    “Just this week we received some encouraging news.  Since General Motors emerged from bankruptcy, the auto industry has actually added 45,000 jobs – the strongest growth in a decade.” . . . “What’s more, GM announced that it paid back its loans to taxpayers with interest, fully five years ahead of schedule.”   President Obama’s Saturday weekly address April 24th, 2010 This truly a fantastic accomplishment.  So, | Read More »

    Bailout Explained

    Let’s cut the B.S. on the bailout. The proposed government bailout is based on two government promises of maybe: 1) The taxpayer might recover some of the 700 billion someday; 2) Once banks bad debt is purchased with taxpayer money, the banks might loan some of it back to the people who paid the banks’ debt in the first place. Read the complete article, Bailout | Read More »


    If you Cant Make It, Now It Seems You Can Fake It! I have been in the real estate business for over 30 years! Many Many colleagues have told me about their “secrets” to close the deal in order to make the standard 6 percent commission! Using fake documentation for someone that couldn’t qualify under a “normal” loan WAS ENCOURAGED! With Websites like out | Read More »

    Brainstorming the Bailout

    I heard John McCain’s address where he discussed the current financial crisis. I was very happy to hear that he wants to create proactive measures to ensure banks remain solvent and help people continue to live in their homes. He very clearly pointed out, and I agree with him, that the root of this crisis is the mortgage industry. But while the American Dream to | Read More »