2010 Governor Races Part I NE,Middle Atlantic, South (Post Your Thoughts and Info)

    The 2010 State Leg and Gov Races will determine how in many cases the lines for Congress are drawn in many statesA look at 2010 Gov Races and please post your infoNorthEast:Maine Open Seat Baldacci (D)Vermont Douglas (R) expected to run againNew Hampshire (D) Lynch expected to run again although he may challenge Senator GreggConnecticut (R) Rell – has already indicated she is running againRhode | Read More »

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    Check this out

    Join in, pass it on and let truth to all win this election for McCain. He is not the slicker that Obama is in speach. In fact no one on the side of right can or will have in their heart to manipulate this premeditated agenda of Obama for the world. He wants the one world Power! or is it the New world Order? He | Read More »