The Face Of Democrat Insanity

    You know, the definition of insanity is doing the same stupid thing over and over, and expecting different results. With that in mind, some Alaska democrats have earned a lifetime stay in a padded cell. Folks even remotely knowledgeable about Governor Sarah Palin know all about the epic failures Alaskan democrat bloggers and their operatives have experienced in their attempts to smear the Governor. Currently | Read More »

    View From The North – Democredit Card

    Election 2008 create a financial crisis raise taxes in a recession cut defense at a time of war nominate the most inexperienced farthest left candidate in history Democratic strategy………priceless Cost to America and the world, let’s not find out!!!

    View From The North – Not Politically Correct

    This post is not PC but I find it an interesting socio-political-economic-demographic observation. Have you watched TV or Youtube, specifically Democratic protests like Acorn, Unions or other groups. I have never seen uglier more obese people in my life. They are mouth breathers that are attracted to the “give me some money” message of the Democrats. I can guarantee that these idiots not only have | Read More »