Van Tran for Congress

    California’s 47th Congressional District isn’t one of the ones getting national attention this year, but it should be. Loretta Sanchez may not be one of the most hated Democrats in Washington, but the circumstances surrounding her initial electoral “victory” are so shady that she has no business being there. She’s been kept in office thanks to California’s lockdown gerrymandering, but somehow her seat is still | Read More »

    Loretta’s at it again!

    Loretta Sanchez, Democratic Congresswoman from the OC, from my, ahem, “esteemed” home state, reminds us when you are a representative from a blue state and the “blu-ewe-ies” are about to attempt a complete coup of the federal government, the rules just do not apply to you. Please see this account and photo-op from the Orange County Register:

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