Harry Reid will be pulling the gun control bill on Thursday.

    First noted on Twitter (via Hot Air): Reid will pull the entire gun bill from floor, likely tomorrow. No final vote. It will remain on leg calendar. Brought up some other time. — Paul Kane (@pkcapitol) April 17, 2013 …and the NYT pretty much confirms.

    I just got banned on Little Green Footballs. Uh hoh geez….

    That guy has become such a dink. The topic was about the crowd estimates for todays march on Washington. Read it here. Chucky linked to an article from ABC that claimed it was misquoted about crowd estimates of over a million. They put the estimates at sixty to seventy thousand. No way. I was the second commenter. Not bad on that site.I was first once. | Read More »



    I was listening to the second best (after Rush) radio talk show host today, Michael Medved. During a commercial I flipped it over to hear what Savage was talking about (very infrequently I find him interesting). He was saying that Sarah Palin’s family looks like something out of a police lineup. I just watched Sarah Palin’s family at the convention, and thought they were a | Read More »

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    I was told if President Bush were re-elected that dissent would be shut down.

    It appears that Obama is asking the Justice Department to look into the ad tying him to Ayers. He and his campaign have “forcefully” ie threatened news stations about running the ad….I only have one thing to say….Thank you Barack for helping this video be seen by at least a million to two million more people because EVERY one loves to see what a whiner | Read More »