An annotated chart about why Presidential approval ratings matter.

    An annotated chart about why Presidential approval ratings matter.

    Strictly speaking, I am not criticizing the Fix for not drawing a more explicit link between Presidential approval ratings and Senate churn in a midterm election. They established the basic point, which was that both parties are increasingly taking seriously that the President’s current low numbers will translate into Democratic losses in the Senate. The Monkey Cage spells it out: Presidential approval is strongly correlated | Read More »

    2011 Florida Legislative Wins, Losses And WTF’s

    By Tom Tillison Florida Political Press The following is a list of some of the activity from the just completed 2011 Florida Legislative Session compiled from the St. Petersburg Times. All passed bills await Gov. Scott’s approval unless otherwise noted. I’ve categorized the list by Wins, Defeats and WTF’s from a tea party perspective. Asterisks are mine, indicating inclusion may be subject to interpretation. Final | Read More »

    Job losses

    “The unemployment rate soared to a nearly five-year high in August, topping 6%, as employers trimmed jobs for the eighth straight month, according to the latest government reading Friday that came in weaker than forecasts. There was a net loss of 84,000 jobs in August, according to the Labor Department, compared to a revised reading of a 60,000 job loss in July. Economists surveyed by | Read More »

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