Meet Joseph Cao (R-LA)

    From the Times-Picayune, Dec. 1 edition: <blockquote>Born in war-ravaged Vietnam, Cao fled to the United States when he was 8, learned English, earned degrees in physics and philosophy, and joined the Catholic seminary. When his views on how best to serve the poor changed, Cao went to law school, began a practice specializing in immigration, settled in Venetian Isles [a largely Vietnamese community in eastern | Read More »

    A better look at LA CD-4 shows cause for concern

    I had a chance back in November to meet John Fleming’s campaign strategist. He also happened to be congressman Paul Broun’s as well. Both men were in Augusta, GA the night before the general election and I enjoyed discussing politics and strategies with them both. I was invited to go back to Athens for a meet and greet and general election party but I had | Read More »

    John Fleming, Republican for LA-04.

    My name is John Fleming and I am running for Congress in Louisiana’s 4th Congressional District. We are the last congressional race in the country. Voters go to the polls this Saturday, December 6, and I am asking each of you to join my campaign and help start the movement to take back the House. I am a man of conviction, drive and the desire | Read More »

    LA-02: Joseph Cao, otherwise known as “Not Bill Jefferson…”

    I would like to reassure our Republican readers that my mentioning of Joseph Cao’s alternate name in the title is in no way intended to diminish his quite impressive accomplishments in the community. You can volunteer to his campaign here, by the way – or, again, contact the LA GOP. No, I’m fully confident that any Republican reading this understands the stakes. The title is | Read More »

    All right. We won in Georgia, let us move on. LA-04 is up next.

    John Fleming’s website is here; contributions here, but what he probably wants right now is boots on the ground. Or you could contact the Louisiana GOP. This is a race for an open seat, and right now the Democratic challenger’s major hope is in heavy African-American turnout. Obama has not come down to stump for the candidate – he’s pretty much done what he did | Read More »

    Mr. Bush, Please Don’t Pardon the “Silver Zipper”

    Louisiana does not need a sideshow right now. If I thought for a moment that the 81-year-old ex-governor was capable of just going home and relaxing on the farm, or even minding his own business at the craps tables, I might be inclined to support his release. But the man revels in his notoriety. He will do everything possible to reenter the political scene and | Read More »

    Louisiana Governor Jindal speaks in Iowa

    The crowd was plenty. Nearly a thousand braved the cold and snow flurries in a state that has the most to say about who the Republican nominee will be. In Iowa, they like to pick them early and there are already a few who like what they see. By the time Gov. Jindal was through speaking many were satisfied that a new Conservative-Republican had entered | Read More »

    Gov. Jindal: ‘Something Is Wrong with GOP.’

    Gov. Bobby Jindal is a depth guy. There is more to his personal philosophy than simply opposing the other side. In other words, he likes to articulate and put forth his vision for solutions and positive change. He has taken a state that many pundits watch for entertainment and amusement, and has practically revolutionized the tax structure, government transparency, economic development, healthcare and education. He’s | Read More »

    Or as we say in LA: “Laissez les Suck Temps Roulez!”

    Not much time, just a couple of notes… Of course, Rep. William Jefferson (D-LA02){IN HIS FREEZER!} will proudly reclaim his seat as the Dean of Louisiana’s congressional delegation. He defeated a newcomer, 30 year old former news anchor Helena Moreno in the Democratic Primary 57 to 43%; the formality of the General Election will take place December 4. About the time his bribery trial resumes, | Read More »

    Chris Gorman for Congress

    Believe it or not, there is a primary going on. Not a general election race, but a real primary. To be specific, it’s the primary-runoff in Louisiana’s 4th Congressional District. There are two good men running, Chris Gorman and John Fleming. Having to choose between the two, let me say I don’t know either one personally, but do have relatives and friends in Louisiana. Of | Read More »

    Wade Williams

    I’m sure many of us have heard about this link, where the old fellow threatens election officials in Louisiana. I know that we have fellow Redstaters in LA & hope to see if someone can advise if this fellow is a registered Democrat, Republican, or other? Whichever one it is, it would realy help out in the trenches…

    LA Primaries, Including the Reelection Bid of Rep. William Jefferson (D-LA02)

    The Congressional Primaries were originally scheduled for September 6, but were postponed due to Hurricane Gustav. The polls closed at 8 pm CDT. The highest profile elections will be in District 2, where a slate of six challenge The Freezer King for the Democratic nomination (and, effectively, the Congressional seat). There is a contested primary for each party is District 4 (Shreveport), the seat of | Read More »

    Bobby Jindal Kicks Butts, Takes Names

    Ann Silverberg Williamson, Louisiana’s Secretary of Social Services has “resigned”, as they say, to pursue other ventures. From the Baton Rouge Advocate:Social Services Chief Resigns Ladies and gentlemen, a new wind is blowing in Louisiana, and it ain’t a tropical storm.

    Lt. Gov. Landrieu (D) on Gov. Bobby Jindal (R): “I give him an A-Plus.”

    Gov. Bobby Jindal is showing how it should be done. A week after Hurricane Gustav’s landfall on the central Louisiana coast, the metro areas of Houma and Baton Rouge remain largely without power. Hurricane Ike threatens to strike later this week; the governor has already requested a state of emergency be declared in anticipation. From the Baton Rouge Advocate:

    Can Sarah Palin rescue congress

    We have already annointed her as the saviour of the McCain candidacy and in the long run of the Republican party. You probably don’t want me to unfocus her and use her for something else, but I can’t shake the feeling that Sarah Palin could be the answer to Republican congressional woes in 2010 and maybe even a little in 2008.