St Bernard Parish Judge Arrested for Fraud; Oh, BTW, He’s a Democrat

    Promoted by Paul J. Cella, because it’s always a good day to highlight Democratic corruption. St. Bernard Parish judge is arrested in fraud conspiracy This may be of interest to nobody but me, but please allow me to indulge in eine kleine schadenfreude. The parishes downriver of New Orleans have tolerated corrupt local judges for decades. Judge Leander Perez dominated politics in both St. Bernard | Read More »

    Chicago Tribune: “Illinois May Be Bad, But Louisiana is Worse!”

    Oh, please. Do we really want to base this judgment on the rate of public corruption convictions? Especially when Chicago politics have been dominated since time immemorial by a notoriously corrupt Democratic machine? One that controls the prosecutors, the cops, and the juries? But for genuine, savory, infused-in-the-gumbo style public venality, Louisiana still has Illinois, and most of America, beat. Ranked according to corruption convictions | Read More »

    Holding the Leader to His Own Standard

    This week, I authored an amendment to the massive omnibus spending bill that would repeal the provision of law that set in place automatic pay raises for members of Congress. Sens. Feingold, Grassley and Ensign joined as co-sponsors. For the better part of the week, however, I was blocked from offering this amendment by the Majority Leader who was using his authority to cherry-pick only | Read More »

    Why the Churchill Bust really had to go

    To make room in the Oval Office for a real treasure, a Zulu Coconut: “The Zulu Coconut is one of the most prized items to obtain all Mardi Gras season. Now Obama has got one!!!” WASHINGTON — On Sunday morning at 9:37, Charles Hamilton Jr., president of the Zulu Social Aid and Pleasure Club, and his first lady, Patricia Wade Hamilton, disembarked the Amtrak Crescent | Read More »

    The Importance of the Coordinated Attacks on Bobby Jindal

    The defense of Bobby Jindal began here at RedState. You can read more about it here, here, here, and here.To summarize: Some guy named Zachary Roth is apparently offended that Bobby Jindal is not a Democrat due to his skin color. Roth, who is apparently overly emotional, constructed a fable distorting Jindal’s story about Sheriff Harry Lee. The lefty blogs and MSNBC picked it up | Read More »

    Racism watch: Recall petition against Cao (R, LA-02)

    Fortunately, it won’t go anywhere, so the Democrats will have to try to win this seat back on their own, with no shenanigans. Note that even the AP isn’t buying the ‘ostensible’ reason for this: NEW ORLEANS — Legal roadblocks will likely doom an effort launched this week to recall U.S. Rep. Ahn “Joseph” Cao, the Vietnamese Republican who scored a surprise December victory in | Read More »

    Edwin Edwards’ (D-LA) Stay at the Crossbar Hotel Extended

    Because I never tire of seeing former Gov. Edwin W. Edwards (D-LA) wearing the government-issue uniform that suits him so well. Edwin Edwards’ hopes for early release appear dim WASHINGTON — Edwin Edwards’ hopes for an early release from federal prison appeared dead Monday as President George W. Bush issued what top aides said would be his final acts of clemency with no mention of | Read More »

    Rep. Joseph Cao (R-LA) in Washington: A Dose of Patriotic Upliftenment to Start Your Day

    Promoted from diaries. – Moe Lane The story of newly-elected Congressman Anh “Joseph” Cao, Republican of the Second District of Louisiana, embodies everything good and optimistic about our Republic. Not only is it the story of his stunning upset victory over career kleptocrat William Jefferson, Democrat of New Orleans, it is the story of the hope that our wonderful country offers to the downtrodden and | Read More »

    ‘Jena Six’ Defendant Shoots Self to Avoid Media Spotlight

    Legitimate civil rights victims are in woefully short supply these days. Back in 2006, a cadre of progressive and minority rights agitators descended on the small town of Jena, LA, instantly transforming a group of high school thugs from troubled young perpetrators into Icons of the Civil Rights Movement. Police: ‘Jena Six’ teen shoots self, is treated A teen convicted in the “Jena Six” beating | Read More »

    Minnesota: Banana Republic?

    Minnesota enjoys a reputation as a progressive, highly-educated, hard-working paragon of Midwestern virtue. It is the polar opposite of my adopted home state of Louisiana. Minnesota is near the top on all the “good” quality-of-life lists. Louisiana is in the cellar, or nearly so, on the same lists. Minnesota’s 5.2 million citizens have a per capita tax burden ($2,890) that is #4 among the states, | Read More »

    CBC to Cao: “Whites (and Vietnamese Republicans) Need Not Apply”

    Promoted from diaries. Will the CBC choose the content of Cao’s character over the color of his skin? After all, the people of LA-02 did. – Moe Lane This should be interesting. Anh “Joseph” Cao (R), fresh off his stunning upset of career Corruptocrat William Jefferson (D) to represent Louisiana’s 2nd Congressional District, is interested in joining the Congressional Black Caucus. “I’d join any caucus | Read More »

    “Bill Jefferson’s Legal Woes Just Got Worse”

    In a <a href=””>Times-Picayune opinion piece,</a> writer James Gill observes that defeated U.S. Rep. William Jefferson (D-LA) is set receive the O.J. version of American Justice: as much as he can afford, and not a penny more. Now that his income and his, er…, payback options are seriously curtailed, Jefferson’s crack legal staff may be more interested in trimming their own losses. Read the whole | Read More »

    It’s Official…Fleming Headed to Congress Without Recount

    Democrat Paul Carmouche has conceded to Republican Representative-Elect John Flemming.  Flemming will take over the seat of retiring Republican Rep. Jim McCrery (Louisiana-4).  Flemming held a strong Republican district by 350 votes.  Hopefully that margin will increase as Flemming begins to run as an incumbent.  I, for one, would like to congratulate John Flemming on his victory.  He is a solid Pro-Life vote.  Also…thank you Paul Carmouche for accepting | Read More »

    Holy Cao! (pronounced “gow”)

    Anh “Joseph” Cao adjusts to role as GOP star If only Washington would adjust to the courage, humility and sense of service that Rep.-elect Cao brings to his post. Cao, a refugee from Vietnam, is the unlikeliest of political figures: slight, soft-spoken and self-effacing, a seemingly guileless figure, yet one with a sharp sense of humor and degrees in physics, philosophy and law and six | Read More »

    Mr. Cao Goes to Washington

    The stunning defeat of career Corruptocrat William Jefferson (D-LA; IN HIS FREEZER!) gives us all several reasons to celebrate. Sure, it’s a partisan victory, but one that is unlikely to translate into any long-term Republican advantage. The Democratic voting mentality is deeply entrenched in LA-02. For whatever reason, African-American voters stayed away from the polls in droves on Saturday. Let’s celebrate because, for once, the | Read More »