How Apple Would Recognize Employees Needing To Be Unemployed.

    It is no wonder to me how bad of shape the country is in, when I see the type of article I came across yesterday.  The mystery then becomes how deep and how wide is God’s grace that we function at all as a nation, rather than a population of slaves to a wiser and stronger people. Though I loathe giving this article a link, | Read More »

    The Malignant Nature of the Oath Keeper Movement

    Truly malignant ideas crop up in a democracy with the frequency of toadstools after a summer rain storm. Most of these ideas are dismissed by the great majority of citizens after public debate in one fashion or another. Some of the ideas hang on despite evidence to the contrary (sorry Texas was readmitted to the Union and the Income Tax was ratified by the requisite | Read More »

    How Many Offices can ONE Person Run for in an Election, Joe?

    So today, Delaware voters get to vote for Joe-the-six-term-Senator twice. How is this possible? How is his Senate seat filled should Obama win? How can he pick which position he wants? Why should the Dems get a free Senate seat? In the same way, I urge all Alaskans to vote for Stevens just so Gov. Palin can appoint a Republican replacement after the election. Again, | Read More »

    “Hypocrisy… Yay!”

    Cross-posted on Right Michigan at (Laugh-riot courtesy the Saginaw News.) Fickleness thy name is Jennifer.  Remember a few years ago, sitting in front of the TV watching the Governor talk, John Cherry smiling like an out-of-touch fool behind her, laying out how swell Michigan’s economy was and promising real improvements in the coming years?  What they didn’t tell us was that their devastatingly misguided | Read More »