Crossing the Broken Blue Line

    I have no doubt Michael Smithey is a diligent, conscientious police officer; one his boss, Chief Sam Hargadine is proud to have on the Iowa City force. It’s Smithey’s revelation of personal bias that’s troubling when laid bare on the streets he patrols. At first glance, Smithey appears rational as a negotiator, which in the line of duty, doesn’t allow for many character flaws. The | Read More »

    Markey so fearful of Gomez he goes negative right out of the box

    Democrat U.S. Senate hopeful, the very Liberal Congressman Edward Markey, launches a negative ad just two days after winning the Democrat primary in the campaign to fill the now vacant Senate seat formerly held by John Kerry.

    The despicable Markey ad, features Gomez’s face directly next to Osama Bin Laden’s. Its hard to imagine how worried and desperate Markey must be to do that to a former naval aviator and Navy SEAL. Markey’s ad is pure swift boating — a tactic the left relentlessly rails against. The Markey ad brings back memories of the controversial Max Cleland ad that became a Liberal/Progressive cause célèbre during the 2008 campaign, but even that ad didn’t do what Markey campaign has done.

    So why does Markey feels he has to resort to such gutter tactics at the start of his campaign against Republican nominee Gabriel Gomez? Perhaps it is the newest polling on the Gomez/Markey race. According to a new Emerson College poll released Thursday, Gomez trails Markey by just six points — 36 percent to 42 percent. The new poll is in line with Public Policy Polling revelation that its first general election Massachusetts Senate poll results look like a single digit race

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    Elections Have Consequences pt. 3

    Before I start part 3,  I want to thank everybody, especially the administrator for recommending my part 1 and part 2 posts.  We are in the beginning of a very crucial election season and in these day and age all elections matter, because elections have consequences,  and we all learned that the hard way. For part 3 were now in the important part of the 2012 election, the Senate.  | Read More »

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    The Conservative Comeback

    It’s morning in America again!  Senator-Elect Scott Brown ran on a platform of turning “Ted Kennedy’s seat” back into “the people’s seat.”  He ran a campaign of stopping the bribe-filled government take over of health care.  He ran to put an end to the Senate Democrat’s abusive super-majority in Washington. Current Congressman & fellow conservative champion Mike Pence summed up tonight perfectly when he stated: | Read More »

    Let’s Not Get Cocky.

    Undoubtedly, yesterday was a good day. But that said, let’s not let that go to our heads and make us complacent. There’s a lot of hard work to be done – NOTE: from now until 01/19, every day is Scott Brown day: donate and volunteer – and we need to realize that there are still ten whole months left before November 2. A lot of | Read More »

    The Precinct Committeeman ProjectMA | MI | MN | MS | MO | MT | NE | NV | NH | NJ

    Read on the Committeeman Project here. Visit the Precinct Project here. The following is a listing of all the counties – boroughs [AK] and Parrishes [LA] – in the United States (MA ? NJ) with the number of electoral precincts as on record last year and their populations as estimated in 2009 by the Census Bureau, arranged by state. The beginning of any project is | Read More »

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    Romneycare Failing, Obamacare Will Follow

    It is surprising that the national debate on Obamacre has thus far excluded any real examination of the state wide healthcare program signed into law in 2006 by Governor Mitt Romney of Massachusetts. But maybe the fact that Romneycare, a system closely resembling Obama’s policies, is failing on several levels serves as a reason that Democrats want to pretend that system doesn’t exist when debating | Read More »

    Corruption Scandal in Mass. State House… Name That Party

    It’s been a little while since we had a good “Name that Party” story, but leave it to corruption plagued Democrats and their willing accomplices in the Old Media to always find some time in their busy schedules to give us an opportunity to play our favorite game. This time it is a former Speaker of the House in Massachusetts who, along with a cadre | Read More »

    WaPo Website Merges Photos of Gays With Mormon Church Fire Story

    A 60-year-old Mormon Church in Massachusetts burned to the ground on Sunday, May 17. A story about the incident appeared in the Washington Post that same day. It’s an AP entry discussing the fire that chased worshippers out of the building in a panic on Sunday. But it is accompanied by a rather odd choice of images. Is it a photo of the fire-damaged church? | Read More »

    Is Libel Law Turning Against Us, New and Old Media Alike?

    This is not a story of bias in the media. It is a story, rather, that affects both the Old Media of newspapers, TV and radio, as well as the New Media of the Internet. Our disagreements with the Old Media aside, we both stand to see trouble if a recent court case in Massachusetts gains momentum or is applied liberally henceforth. The Associated Press | Read More »