The Fairness Doctrine: a blessing in disguise?

    Tonight, Drudge links to a story on the NY Post web site about the prospects that the Reid/Pelosi/Macho Bambi triumvirate will re-institute the so-called “Fairness Doctrine.” I personally believe that will be one of the first acts of the Democrat Regime. But is this all bad? The Post article mentions “a new Fairness Doctrine would drive political talk radio off the dial.” That could happen. | Read More »

    Macho Bambi tries to be a tough guy

    Senator McCain’s efforts to point out how The One is in bed with shady characters like William Ayers seems to have finally gotten under Barry’s skin. Now he’s resorting to grade-school talk this morning. His latest whine is that McCain “… wasn’t willing to say it to my face…” regarding Ayers. What a BABY. And people want this guy to be PRESIDENT? What’s he going | Read More »

    McCain – focus on the obvious domestic contrasts

    Johnny Boy, there are positive things going on with you lately. You’ve been listening to Fred Thompson (and apparently to Rush as well), and the world has been listening to Macho Bambi. Ah, indeed, things are looking up. But let’s talk win-the-game strategy. I want to help you win. And unlike how YOU want to help you win, I want to help you win by | Read More »