The World Pierces In

    In 1540, Hernando de Soto marched through Middle Georgia not far from where this column originates. Just down river from where I am in Macon, Georgia, de Soto performed the first baptism in North America on the banks of the Ocmulgee River. That river cuts a lazy path through Macon and Middle Georgia. The Ocmulgee Indian natives, over time, migrated out of the area under | Read More »

    National Public Radio (@NPRNews) Misrepresents Facts to Fan Racial Tension

    On February 6, 2014, NPR listeners heard this report about the voting rights act. A portion of the story involves Macon, GA, where I live. NPR did its listeners a great disservice in how it presented the story. But don’t believe partisan conservative me. An attorney for the local Democratic Party is calling foul too. As Dave Oedel, the local Democratic Party attorney (who, being | Read More »

    Taking on the unions

    The lefties are rather mad at me this morning.The other day some of the police officers here in Macon, GA where I’m on city council suggested they were going to form a union. I, in turn, suggested I was going to push to shut down the police department and contract with our local sheriff for police protection.Makes sense to me. A public sector union pits | Read More »

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    ‘So, was this one of ours, or one of theirs?’

    ‘Ours/theirs’ referring to which side of the partisan political spectrum this, well, nutjob was on: Reporter Dragged Kicking and Screaming From Near Air Force One A reporter for a small newspaper was forcibly removed from a press area near Air Force One shortly before President Barack Obama arrived at Los Angeles International Airport to depart California early Thursday. Airport security officers carried the woman away | Read More »

    How I Killed the Obama Resolution

    The Barack Obama resolution came up to City Council’s Ordinances and Resolutions Committee on which I sit. I had threatened to bring 100 amendments to Council to shut things down if the resolution made head way.Well, last week, in an unguarded moment I said something very intemperate regarding Justice David Souter. I should not have said it, but I did. I’m not going to run | Read More »

    The First Few Amendments

    As some of you know, my fellow Council Member Elaine Lucas has submitted legislation to declare Barack Obama a member of Macon’s City Council. Tomorrow in committee we begin discussing the legislation. Below are a few of my amendments:Erickson Amendment to the RESOLUTION OF THE MAYOR AND COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF MACON, GEORGIA HONORING PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA ON BECOMING THE 44TH PRESIDENT OF THE | Read More »

    The Insane Elaine Lucas Meltdown

    This is just way too funny and worth sharing. The things we put up with here in Macon, GA.Here’s the backstory: The City Council and County Commission in Macon and Bibb County passed a resolution asking for a penny increase to the hotel/motel tax to pay for the Georgia Music and Sports Halls of Fame.I opposed it. In fact, I was the only member of | Read More »

    Elaine Lucas’s Strange Constituent Services

    Last night I blogged about a crazy email exchange involved a local radio show host, the Mayor of Macon, Democrat Elaine Lucas, a Macon City Councilwoman and wife of Georgia State Representative David Lucas (D-Macon), and me. Well, the fun continues. I was forwarded this email exchange: Here is the original: From: Kerinsa M Sent: Fri 12/12/2008 5:47 PM To: Lucas, Elaine Subject: banquet Mrs. | Read More »

    How I Spend My Time On City Council a/k/a/ The Pathetic Saga of Elaine Lucas

    Let’s review: I’m on City Council in Macon, Georgia. I have an extremely safe seat. And I’m not one to put up with the bullsh** diplomatic niceties that come with small town politics. Some things need to be said in Macon, but people are too damn gun shy. One member of Council, Elaine Lucas, capitalizes on this fact. She punches people and dares them to | Read More »

    Wednesday Thoughts

    You’ll have to forgive day two of this. Last night I had a marathon city council session. The interstate through Macon is to be expanded and made safer. The arts and activist crowd that lives no where near the interstate is up in arms over the project because, dare I say it, it’ll bring more people driving through our beloved city. Meanwhile, Pleasant Hill, a | Read More »