I’m mad!!!!  No, I’m really, really mad!!!! No, I’m furious over the current situation in the Republican Party – but that isn’t what the title of my diary is about. It dawned on me yesterday that the Republican Party elite – the Establishment – is engaging us conservatives in a game of Assured Destruction.  With Romney as their anointed nominee, they are saying to us | Read More »

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    The Cult Of The Maximum Leader

    On Monday, historian Michael Beschloss declared that Barack Obama is the “smartest man ever to become a president”. Given that Thomas Jefferson was a president, Beschloss proved only that he is the dumbest man ever to become a historian. In a nation that values sanity, Beschloss would now be involuntarily residing at the Giggling Academy. Instead, he is a valued member of the huge chorus | Read More »

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    Dear Diary: I am MAD AS HELL!

    I am just so mad and pissed off!!

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