Gee, Had, it’s been once, twice, three times, M’Lady!

    Once is an incident. Twice a coincidence. Three times is an act of war! The Koran teaches that it is permissible to lie with a smile before beheading your enemy who will not submit. Who then is not a radical Muslim, except those who are hypocrites of their religion? While we have strip searches to board airliners, and bomb sniffing dogs, have we yet invented hypocrite-detecting technologies? How do we identify the radical from the not-so-much? Has it ever occurred that a professed Muslim, radical or not, has condemned, or even criticized, a single act of the most egregious barbarities committed in the name of their religion of peace?

    Should we re-tool our policies regarding the Islamic world? If so, in what way?

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    Opiate Addicted Obama-ites

    Religious belief can manifest itself in faithful devotion to an acknowledged reality and does not always include the worship of a deity. Political piety can involve scrupulous and conscientious faithfulness to a person, idea or movement, which is the type of devotion evident in politics down through history as well as today. Karl Marx, demeaned belief in God saying, “Man, has found only the reflection | Read More »