Left Side Story; Bats Fly at Night

    Dramatis Personae; The Billary, The Won, Crawfish Carville, Paul Begala, The Caddell/Schoen Clan, Janet Incompetano, Democratic spokesmodel Bob Schieffer, and of course The Party Secretary of State Hillary Clinton delivered a stinging kick to the Obama administration’s enhanced pat-down area today.  She declared her position against the new TSA security guidelines as something she’d avoid if possible.  But, her little admission on ‘Face the Nation’ | Read More »

    Left Side Story; The Worm Begins to Turn

    Dramatis Personae; Obamamaniacs, Mainstreamers, Pelosi, Reid, The Won, Sen. Jim Webb of Virginia, Rep. Heath Shuler of North Carolina, Sen. Bill Nelson of Florida and Sen. Evan Bayh of Indiana. The Democratic Party shellacking that took place on November 2nd started a chain of events that will rip the Democratic Machine wide open.  Pelosi, Reid, Obama, the Great Triumvirate, and their useful idiots on the far Left dragged The | Read More »

    Left Side Story

          On Friday, I sent you an email about how the Blue Dogs, even after losing half of their members in the 2010 elections, were trying to oust Nancy Pelosi as the leader of Democrats in the House. Apparently, the Blue Dogs want to bring their special brand of magic–caving to Republicans, and then losing to them anyway–to the entire House Democratic caucus. | Read More »

    The Coming Civil War

    Nope.  Not the one the political operatives are fond of talking about.  Not the violent uprising of conservatives who cling bitterly to guns and Bibles against an aggressive governmental machine.  Not the angry white men and the increasingly angry white women against the poor, isolated, besmirched minority groups.  Not even the popular uprising that is beginning among the plantation classes within the Democratic Party.  Nope. | Read More »