Is Manbearpig Extinct

    More and more scientists are coming out and denouncing the IPCC’s stand on Manbearpig.  31,000 scientists nowareon record to go against the theory of Manbearpig.   Along with the last 10 years of cooling and NY City having the coldest summer since 1958, it is kind of hard to take the Manbearpig proponents seriously any more.  And after changing form Global Warming to Climate Change does | Read More »

    AGW-denier set to be next EU president

    h/t Herald Tribune The Czech Republic is set to occupy the rotating European Union presidency. The current Czech president is one Vaclav Klaus, a trained economist in the Milton Friedman camp. He has a colorful and controversial political history, being a known dissident under Soviet rule, involved in the Velvet Revolution, and sometimes scandal-ridden. He’s considered center-right, and is a bitter rival with national hero | Read More »

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