Health Care – What we really need

    Replace the current Obamacare. It will likely and should be declared unconstitutional. Allow private health care insurance companies and providers to have policies/plans that cross state lines with the following rules: 1. A Limitation of Liability can be set for errors and omissions provided it is at least $250,000 per case and $500,000 per year. All medical disputes between provider/insurer and/or insured shall be submitted | Read More »

    Interesting articles.

    Some articles you might find interesting: Kaw and Border:  (Larry) “Winn, Lose, or Make Excuses.” Harry Reid re-elected as Senate Majority Leader. Quinnipiac: President’s approval rating at 44%. Boston Herald:  Massachusetts government is aggressively enforcing fines against citizens who can’t afford the mandated health insurance. Politico: Jim DeMint wins earmark ban vote among Senate Republicans. Club for Growth: Roy Blunt votes “No” on earmark ban. Patricia Ruffini: The natural | Read More »

    Going on a spree of man dates.

      Oops. Sorry. It turns out that “man date” is just a homophone for what I really mean: mandates. Even though I despise the concept of a “man date” – that two males are so inept at making friends that they must be forced to go out as though they were attempting to court each other, leading to the inevitable awkward conversation about nothing – | Read More »

    Almost Forgotten: The Insurance Mandate Lie

    The other day, I was reminded of one of the lies we’ve been fed about the Health Care Takeover the Democrats are desperately trying to pass through the Houses of Congress: The Individual Mandate, which would be just like your mandated automobile insurance. This specious line of reasoning has been almost forgotten amidst the arguments over abortion funding and the Constitutionality of reconciliation and trying | Read More »

    Republicans Not Getting the Message?

    Friends of Liberty, Over the last few weeks the Republican Party has shown me on two separate occasions they simply are not getting the message from the American People. I think the Democrats are getting the message. They just don’t care what the Proles have to say. The Republicans seem poised to take advantage of this fact in November, however, I’m not sure they understand | Read More »

    Great Scott….The Scott heard Around the world

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    Reading the Healthcare Bill…

    After hearing of Ben Nelson’s gutless selling of his soul to the Devil (see Perrin’s post below and numerous news accounts)… I decided I should tune in C-Span 2 to watch the destruction of the Republic as we know it first hand. As I sit and watch the clerk reading the Reid amendment to the healthcare bill on the floor of the United States Senate | Read More »

    Go directly to jail

    This is a letter to the editor published by the Newburyport Daily News on 11/18/09. It was not posted online,so I’m posting it here. To the editor: Nancy Pelosi has strong-armed her health care control bill through the U.S. House. She accomplished this feat by a margin of 3 votes, 220-215(218 needed for passage). A lone Republican, Rep. Cao of New Orleans, who doesn’t seem | Read More »

    Mandating Purchases to Maintain Constitutional Rights

     630 Words Recently, after the House passage of its version of Healthcare, HR 3962, Speaker Pelosi affirmed that not only was health care a ‘right’, but Congress has the ability and necessity to punish people who choose not to participate in the government, rather than the Creator, granting this right. There is a 2.5% penalty assessed for those who choose not to, or are unable | Read More »

    Breaking News: Republicans oppose ethanol mandate

    If you read the 2008 Republican platform you will notice two important things regarding biofuel. First, the plan for energy independence gives ethanol a small role. Second, the platform specifically says “[t]he U.S. government should end mandates for ethanol and let the free market work.”

    Renewable Fuels Standard not Waived

    The Environmental Protection Agency announced today that it would not grant a waiver of the renewable fuels standard as requested by Texas Governor Rick Perry. The Governor’s request was for the mandated levels of grain ethanol production to be reduced by 50 percent. His reasons for requesting this waiver can be read in his letter to the EPA, but it essentially came down to high | Read More »

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