An Amazing Time

    As you can tell, we’ve been away and busy at the RedState Gathering. Liz Cheney spoke. She was amazing. “America needs a commander in chief,” she said, ” not a global community organizer.” Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Nikki Haley, Michael Williams, Ken Cuccinelli, Karen Handel, Tom Price, Pat Toomey, Roy Blunt, Jim DeMint, and Rick Perry all joined us in person or via video. It | Read More »

    Who’s the Veep II

    Awright, so you guys think I’m a MittBot.  Fair enough, but the numbers are with me, and it isn’t the weak, halfcocked numbers Giuliani had going for him.  And just wait until you see who I pick for Romney’s VP – sweartadog you guys will love this idea. I’ve already talked about Petraeus being able to knock off Romney (and, lest ye think that I’m | Read More »

    News-Fast…You deserve a break today!

    Does anyone else just feel the need to take a break from the news now and then and tune out? Some days the news makes me feel like I am in a cage with 5 tennis ball machines all firing balls at me at top speed from all angles and there’s a hole in my racket. I mean could the folks in DC just give | Read More »

    Warning Signs Abound for Charlie Crist

    Good on Lee County Republican voters. There was a straw poll in this all important battleground for the GOP Senate nomination. The straw poll was put on by the Republican Executive Committee. The result? Rubio crushed Crist. Lee County’s Republican Executive Committee’s straw poll last week that had members preferring U.S. Senate candidate Marco Rubio over Gov. Charlie Crist by a 60-11 margin sent ripples | Read More »

    Armey Endorses Rubio

    The NRSC may have endorsed the tax and spending Florida Governor, but Dick Armey, the former Republican leader who actually fought the expansion of government is endorsing Marco Rubio. Former House Majority Leader Dick Armey (R-Texas) will endorse former state Speaker Marco Rubio (R) today in Florida’s GOP Senate primary.In a statement released by Rubio’s camp, Armey called Rubio “a champion of freedom and an | Read More »

    Marco Rubio Gaining on Charlie Crist

    Despite the spin being applied to this polling, Marco Rubio is making significant gains on Charlie Crist more than a year before the Florida Primary. The Mason-Dixon Florida Poll, conducted last week among 625 registered voters, indicated 51 percent support for Crist — compared to 23 percent for Rubio. But that was largely a factor of Crist being far better known statewide than the former | Read More »

    Charlie Crist peddles his lies on Twitter

    Charlie Crist has taken to Twitter to peddle his lies. Here’s the latest: Tomorrow is the last day of our fund raising quarter. Please support our campaign for LESS TAXES, LESS GOVERNMENT, AND MORE FREEDOM. Charlie Crist just signed a budget raising taxes on Floridians. Charlie Crist supported and said he would vote for the Obama stimulus plan that expands the size of government, creating | Read More »

    Help Marco Rubio Meet His Goal

    Florida Speaker Marco Rubio, the RedState endorsed candidate for U.S. Senate in Florida, is trying to reach his quarterly fundraising goal. You can use this widget from the campaign to help him if you are so inclined. I am. Go here. And be sure to be at the RedState Gathering on August 1st to see Marco.

    Marco Rubio Will Be In Atlanta. Will You?

    Rooms are still available. REGISTER HERE. We get together the night of July 31st, then go all day on August 1st with Marco, Jim DeMint, and several others to be announced.

    Why Rubio is NOT the GOP’s Obama

    My good friend and President of our local (Sarasota, Florida) Young Republican Club, Matthew Cochran, had a great blog post today debunking this idea that somehow Marco Rubio’s charisma, background and incredible oratory skills are such that he is our own “Obama”. Apart from the fact I find the comparison insulting, it couldn’t be further from the truth and Matthew does a great job explaining why: The | Read More »

    Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, Again?

    Former U.S. Senator Bob Smith (R-NH) announced Monday, via YouTube, he intends to challenge Governor Charlie Crist and former Florida House of Representatives Speaker Marco Rubio in the Republican primary for Florida’s vacant Senate seat in 2010. Echoing Rubio’s conservative sentiments, the Florida snowbird said his entry into the already-crowded primary was precipitated by the Republican Party establishment’s unacceptable lurch to the left. “I can’t | Read More »

    Florida Democrats Face Contested Senate Primary

    The race to succeed Senator Mel Martinez in the US Senate is about to get a new entrant: U.S. Rep. Corrine Brown, D-Jacksonville, confirms that she is launching an exploratory campaign for U.S. Senate, and said an internal statewide poll shows her comfortably ahead of any Democratic contender including Kendrick Meek. “Experience,” she said, when asked why the 17-year U.S. House member would be a | Read More »

    Let’s Make it Higher

    The more we give to Marco Rubio, the more the folks at the NRSC have to realize we mean business. Editor’s Note: the following widgets link to Marco Rubio’s website and are not run through RedState does not process, direct, or otherwise collect money for candidates. We just like Marco and hope you’ll support him over Crist.

    On the NRSC Endorsement

    Thanks very much to Sen. Cornyn for his willingness to reach out to us on this issue. — Erick Two and a half years ago, the Republican Party suffered a major blow in the 2006 midterm elections as the Democrats regained control of Congress and began laying the groundwork to take back the White House in 2008. As a Party, we were stunned. Having failed | Read More »

    Had He Chosen Differently, John Cornyn Could Be Leading Now

    Senator John Cornyn has been on the receiving end of a lot of punches lately over the NRSC’s decision to endorse Charlie Crist over Marco Rubio in the Florida Senate race.A lot of it is fair criticism, especially considering only days before he endorsed Crist, Senator Cornyn said the NRSC would stay neutral. Not all of the criticism is fair, however. I would crawl over | Read More »