Let’s Make it Higher

    The more we give to Marco Rubio, the more the folks at the NRSC have to realize we mean business. Editor’s Note: the following widgets link to Marco Rubio’s website and are not run through RedState.com. RedState does not process, direct, or otherwise collect money for candidates. We just like Marco and hope you’ll support him over Crist.

    On the NRSC Endorsement

    Thanks very much to Sen. Cornyn for his willingness to reach out to us on this issue. — Erick Two and a half years ago, the Republican Party suffered a major blow in the 2006 midterm elections as the Democrats regained control of Congress and began laying the groundwork to take back the White House in 2008. As a Party, we were stunned. Having failed | Read More »

    Had He Chosen Differently, John Cornyn Could Be Leading Now

    Senator John Cornyn has been on the receiving end of a lot of punches lately over the NRSC’s decision to endorse Charlie Crist over Marco Rubio in the Florida Senate race.A lot of it is fair criticism, especially considering only days before he endorsed Crist, Senator Cornyn said the NRSC would stay neutral. Not all of the criticism is fair, however. I would crawl over | Read More »

    Charlie Crist: The Headline Says It All

    “Gov. Crist signs $66.5 billion budget, breaks tax pledge”, the St. Petersburg Times headline reads. This is the man the Senate Republican leadership has lined up behind. This is one of the men on whom the GOP will rely to rebuild the Republican majority. For what? Why have a Republican majority when we will get nothing different than what the Democrats offer? There remains no | Read More »

    Money for Marco

    Editor’s Note: the following widgets link to Marco Rubio’s website and are not run through RedState.com. RedState does not process, direct, or otherwise collect money for candidates. We just like Marco and hope you’ll support him over Crist.

    Put up or shut up

    So are you as hacked off as I am about the NRSC’s Crist endorsement? Putting it directly, you don’t have any room to complain unless you are willing to open your wallet for Marco Rubio. Even $10.00. Here’s the deal: the NRSC is probably not going to spend a penny on Crist in the primary. Their endorsement, I think, has much more to do with | Read More »

    If the Florida GOP Can Do It, So Can the NRSC

    The Florida Republican Party’s Chairman is announcing that the Florida GOP will now be neutral in the race between Charlie Crist and Marco Rubio. Greer wrote: As it relates to the Senatorial primary, the State party is neutral, no resources have been provided to one candidate over another and although I will personally support Governor Crist, I have great respect for former Speaker Rubio and | Read More »

    ‘Watchmen on the wall of world freedom.’

    A quote from Kennedy’s last, undelivered speech – and one quoted by Florida Senatorial candidate Marco Rubio as part of his farewell speech to the Florida legislature. Via And So it Goes in Shreveport. No transcript yet, sorry. I’ve been personally staying out of the entire Crist/Rubio NRSC endorsement brouhaha, mostly because we’re going to have Senatorial candidates that are going to need the NRSC’s | Read More »

    Charlie Crist is the diversity candidate? NRSC FAIL

    I’m reminded of a quote from the media a couple of months ago that conservatives could not support Charlie Crist in Florida because of his support for diversity initiatives. The reporter failed to them point out that these white Christian conservatives were supporting the Latino candidate. What reminded me was this quote Tom Slade, a former chairman of the Florida GOP, said popularity always trumps | Read More »

    Charlie Crist Picks A Fight Republicans Don’t Need

    Republicans are going to have a lot of challenges and a lot of opportunities in the 2010 elections. One thing the party needs to do is get our best candidates into races we can win; another is to make sure we hold the easy races and avoid bloody and ideologically divisive primaries in the tough ones; a third is to make sure we can raise | Read More »

    Tax Hiker Runs for Senate in Florida

    Charlie Crist is announcing his run for the Senate today in Florida. It is not an understatement to say the heart and soul of the GOP will be determined in the Florida election.Will we go with tanned, telegenic tax hikers with dubious personal issues, or young, telegenic conservative reformers who are not afraid to speak up for freedom?Between Charlie Crist and Marco Rubio, that is | Read More »

    Florida Republicans Embrace Tax Increases

    The Republican party has relatively few assets today: we trail in voter ID, we have lost ground in many states, and we have no ‘levers of power’ in Washington. The party has lost credibility on spending issues, and voters are unsure what we stand for. If you needed proof, just look at how many grassroots activists attending the Tea Parties say that they are as | Read More »

    Rubio Will Run

    Florida House Speaker Marco Rubio has gotten a lot of people excited by a potential Senate run. Young, dynamic, and undeniably conservative, Rubio has left a few people hanging by having an exploratory committee. He did not throw himself into the campaign altogether. Well, let me be the first to report good news: Rubio is all in. No, the campaign has not been willing to | Read More »

    I Intend to Support Marco Rubio for the United States Senate

    After the disappointing 2008 election, it is time to start looking ahead to 2010, and the prospects of electing fresh, conservative lawmakers at the federal level. Florida will hold one of the most crucial Senate races for the GOP. Mel Martinez, who currently holds the seat, has announced that he will not seek re-election. Many are speculating that Governor Crist – aka President Obama’s favorite | Read More »

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