Wouldn’t it be nice to have an honest, ballsy conservative voice out there?

    Wait, we have one:       Mark Sanford continues to be the only person who continues to stand up for conservative values.  Sure there are people who have a solid conservative voting record, but I don’t think anyone matches Sanford’s record and rhetoric on issue after issue.  Sign me up as a supporter for 2012 if this guy decides to run.

    Mark Sanford beats big government over loan

    Sanford wins jobless benefits game of chicken Originally published by Mike DeVine, Legal Editor for The Minority Report Once again the governor of the Palmetto State shows conservatives the way, whether one faces liberal Democrats, big government Republican majorities or entrenched big government bureaucracies: Gov. Mark Sanford (pictured) agreed Wednesday to request a $146 million federal loan that will allow South Carolina residents to continue | Read More »

    Something Smells in the Capitol and It’s Not the Tourists

    p align=”center”>Podcast Show Notes Governors Sanford and Perry say no to state bailouts. (Hat Tip: Sister Toldjah.) A look at Obama’s new U.N. Ambassador. 37% change. (Hat Tip: Hot Air.) Democratic Party playing deadbeat to Denver police officers. (Hat Tip: Michelle Malkin.) Can Harry Reid smell you? The new godless Capitol visitor center. Congressman attempts to dictate racial quota for Obama replacement. Gavin Newsom’s filibuster. | Read More »

    Mark Sanford is the future of the GOP

    This week, the republican governors named Mark Sanford the chairman of their association. Kudos to them for recognizing one of the few bright stars in the dark republican sky.

    The opposition starts now

    So you’re disappointed in the election results? What are you going to do about it? We lost. Get over it. At least we don’t have people on our side claiming (falsely) that they are going to move to another country because their guy didn’t get elected. I guess that shows who the grown-ups vote for! So what can you do now that the election is | Read More »

    The 2012 GOP Field (First Call)

    As promised, here’s my initial thoughts on what the Republican field will look like in four years. Obviously, there are many variables along the way, ranging from how beatable Obama looks to the 2010 midterms; I’m just forecasting with the known knowns we have today. As usual there will probably be 10 or so candidates, but from where we sit today there look to be | Read More »

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