Send Me Money Half my inbox these days consists of Gorean alarums about global warming having caused “unprecedented drought in California,” which generally start out by referencing “the driest winter since 1976.” Besides giving a new meaning to the term “unprecedented,” these appeals serve as the ideal springboard from which to launch appeals for money. Stripped down to their barest essentials, the environmental message is that George | Read More »

    N-Word Jim’s Revenge I’ll never forget my disappointment upon learning that N-Word Jim wasn’t one of Mark Twain’s most introspective characters, but merely literary sanitization, a bid to rid his work of the most shocking, offensive word ever to be uttered, written, or spray-painted on Southern Baptist Churches. The N-word possesses astounding power. It can cause women to weep, men to rage, and rap artists to rake | Read More »

    On the Questions of Jobs Created and Saved by Obama

    From The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, by Mark Twain: “Tom was a good deal bothered about what to do for a spoon, but he said we’d got to have it; so he took a think. When he had ciphered it out he told me how we was to do; then we went and waited around the spoon-basket till we see Aunt Sally coming, and then | Read More »

    It Took Russia Three Centuries To Do What Obama Did In Three Months

    Russia in terms of land mass is the largest country on the the planet.  Its size spans ten different time zones, and overlaps two continents (Europe and Asia).  This country introduced to the rest of the world the concept of a Czar, and President Obama has moved with lightening speed on this concept.  The appeal of the czar rests on the belief that if we | Read More »

    Sarah Palin is still alive and well in Alaska

    There are those who wish to bury Sarah Palin, not praise her. Leftist Democrats, their drive-by media assassins and Republican backers of some of her potential opponents for leadership in the Republican Party have been pushing the meme that the former vice presidential candidate no longer has a future in national politics. They want to convince others that the governor’s political career has been ruined | Read More »