Donation Analysis of MD US Senate Candidates

    How a person spends their money can tell you a bit about a person, including who and what kind of candidate they’ve supported in the past. So, I decided to do a little investigating into the donor records of the two leading Republican candidates for US Senate in Maryland. Using a combination of NewsMeat and the Maryland Board of Elections website, I found the following | Read More »

    2010 Candidate Interview: William H. Campbell (R-MD)

    William H. Campbell is the second Republican candidate to throw their hat in the ring for Comptroller of Maryland. Campbell is the former Chief Financial Officer of Amtrak serving from 2007 to 2009. Prior to that, he served as CFO for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Campbell’s experience in the private and public sector make him an interesting candidate for Comptroller. Campbell was willing | Read More »

    Putting to bed that whole racial profiling deal

    The absolutely worst argument I keep hearing against Arizona’s law banning illegal aliens, is that somehow it was going to be racist in its implementation. A bunch of ignorant folk seem to have this idea about those of us in the southwest who oppose illegal immigration, that we see brown-skinned folk and think illegal! I’ve been dismissing this idea since I first ran into it, | Read More »

    The race tightens in Maryland

    There is more to life than the US Senate. In many states, control of the Governor’s office will have a critical role in the process of redistricting after the 2010 Census and reapportionment of US House seats. So today we look at the Maryland Governor’s race as polled by Rasmussen.

    2010 Candidate Interview: Marcelo Cardarelli (R-MD)

    Maryland’s Second Congressional district is represented by liberal former Baltimore County Executive Dutch Ruppersberger. The second Republican challenger in the district is Dr. Marcelo Cardarelli. Born in Argentina, according to Cardarelli, “…in 2002…[he] became a proud American citizen.” Cardarelli is a highly recognized medical doctor who co-founded the World Society for Pediatric and Congenital Cardiac Surgery. Currently, Cardarelli is a faculty member at the University | Read More »

    The Rutledge Conundrum

    When deciding to run for public office, ones background should be taken into careful consideration. If you had the following credentials, what statewide office would you consider running for: 24 years experience practicing law working in variety of experiences in small business law, criminal defense, felony prosecution in a District Attorney’s office, business litigation, civil rights litigation, and health care litigation; and currently stand firm | Read More »

    2010 Candidate Interview: Ken Holt (R-MD)

    Investment executive and former State Delegate Ken Holt is a Republican candidate for Baltimore County Executive. According to his website, “His years in the financial industry have given him the important background necessary to manage a large municipal government during a period of budget restraint and economic recession.” I was interested in learning more about Mr. Holt so asked him if he was interested in | Read More »

    So, there’s this fake Governor O’Malley (D-MD) site…

    …found here, and it’s already earning its corn: Surrounded once again by stupid people Why the h[*]ll am I surrounded by stupid people???!!!! Why have we been running ads and doing polls that tell people that Ehrlich is a lobbyist, only to have dumb[*]ss Travis Tazelaar tell the Baltimore Sun that we have no evidence that Ehrlich has been lobbying? For those not following Maryland | Read More »

    2010 Candidate Interview: Eric Wargotz (R-MD)

    A well respected physician and Queen Anne’s County Commissioner, Eric Wargotz is one of a number of Republicans fighting for the opportunity to duke it out with intrenched incumbent Barbara Mikulski. I had profiled Wargotz on the old version of Old Line Elephant and he agreed to a web-based interview. To follow are his answers to my interview questions: Matthew Newman: What made you decide | Read More »

    2010 Candidate Interview: Brendan Madigan

    There is currently one Republican announced for Comptroller in the State of Maryland, Brendan Madigan. Madigan currently is the only one willing to challenge Franchot for the least glamorous of the three elected State offices. Madigan was willing to give me his first formal interview as a candidate. Matthew Newman: What made you decide to run for Comptroller? Brendan Madigan: As a political activist, I | Read More »

    Metzgar in Essex

    Last night, I had the opportunity to attend the announcement of Ric Metzgar for House of Delegates. Metzgar was a candidate in 2006 who lost to incumbents Olszewski, Minnick, and Weir in a strongly Democratic year. 2006 saw a tidal wave bringing Democrats in charge of Congress and retaking the Governor’s mansion in Maryland. Metzgar is a 57 year old auto dealership owner. He’s been | Read More »

    2010 Candidate Interview: Troy Stouffer (R-MD)

    Troy Stouffer is a Republican candidate running in Maryland’s 2nd Congressional District. MD-02 is currently represented by former moderate turned liberal Democratic and former Baltimore County Executive Dutch Ruppersberger. Stouffer is a Navy veteran who got sick of what he saw coming out of Congress and decided to take matters into his own hands. As a current resident of the 2nd District, I was very | Read More »

    Interview – Delegate Candidate Rani Merryman

    Rani Merryman is a Republican candidate in the 8th Legislative District for the House of Delegates in Maryland. Her background is varied – working at a number of different small busineses before becoming a stay at home mom when her youngest child was born. She wants to be a citizen legislator and is running for the future of our State. She was willing to sit | Read More »

    Interview – Delegate Candidate Justin Ready

    Justin Ready is a candidate for the Maryland House of Delegates in District 5A. The 27 year old Ready had is a small business owner who worked with two different State Legislators and most recently was the Executive Director of the Maryland Republican Party. Ready agreed to answer a few questions about his thoughts on the issues and his campaign. To follow are his answers | Read More »

    Suggestion to Draft – EJ Pipkin

    The position of Comptroller is one that the average citizen of any state will say they may not understand fully. The Comptroller is supposed to serve as the state’s accountant is in charge of collecting taxes, handles deliquent tax collection, enforces unclaimed property laws; in summary, the Comptroller is the State’s Cheif Financial Officer. In Maryland, the people are represented by former State Legislator Peter | Read More »