Draining The Swamp In Our Glorious People’s Democracy

    Way back in Once-Upon-a-Time Time, Early November 2006 to be more explicit, Nancy Pelosi, Rahm Emanuel and Steny Hoyer promised us all a New Direction. They all promised to seriously reform the House of Representatives, if the voters trusted them with control of that venerable institution. Pelosi declared with Oscar-Winning grandiloquence that yea, verily, they would drain the swamp. Who knew they would discover DDT | Read More »

    Fight for Western New York Republicans!

    Check out the race in the 29th Congressional district in Western New York. Randy Kuhl, our Congressman, faced a tough opponent in 2006 and squeaked by with a win over uberliberal Eric M. Massa. Of course, like Freddy Krueger, some nightmares keep coming back. Massa has returned. (In fact, he never left. He’s been campaigning for the past two years. One wonders if he has | Read More »