The real reason gun controls won’t work

    Good intentions aside, I believe that almost everyone in the augment about how to eliminate massacres like Sandy Hook are missing the root cause and arriving at wrong conclusions. Banning certain types of firearms is not the answer. Stricter gun purchase and gun sale laws are not the answer to stopping massacres. Smaller magazines are not the answer. Restricting ownership of semi-auto rifles and handguns | Read More »

    Six die in Tucson, Fourteen wounded in massacre

    And the MSM, Dems,and Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik , attack conservatives..The fly burning killer favorite book is written by Hitler, and the sheriff department was told, six months earlier, by local school teacher, the boy, is a massacre waiting to happen..Why doesn’t anybody check to see if he had bought a gun? Da Then The Big O flys in for a memorial service, and turns it | Read More »

    Barack Obama: War Criminal

    How else can you explain this massacre of civilians? KABUL – The international Red Cross confirmed “dozens of bodies” on Wednesday in graves and rubble where Afghan officials alleged U.S. bombs killed civilians, and the Afghan president said his first meeting with President Barack Obama would focus on the issue. The international Red Cross reported Wednesday that its officials saw women and children among dozens | Read More »