Californians: Conservative Rock Star Gregg Imus for CD-8!

    California is desperately in need of conservative congressmen and women. There are too many go-along, get-along RINOs from all across the country, but the California delegation is notorious for joining Democrats in passing terrible legislation. One California representative who has followed conservative values is Conservative Hero Representative Tom McClintock (R). Rep. McClintock has endorsed Gregg Imus ( Endorsements: Gregg Imus has also been endorsed by other | Read More »

    An Appeal to a Higher Court

    In the wake of the Supreme Court decision on the so-called “Affordable Care Act,” the House will once again take up the imperative of repealing it.   But the Supreme Court decision has much more dire implications for our nation and its cherished freedoms than merely affirming the government takeover of our health care.   In reaching its conclusion, the Court obliterated a fundamental distinction | Read More »

    Massive Tax Increases – Let That Not Be The Legacy Of This Congress

    I commend the Senate for passing the tax relief measure yesterday (HR 4853 – Tax Relief Compromise), and I hope that the House passes it today. According to the CBO, this bill comprises $136 billion in additional spending and $721 billion in tax relief. That means fifteen percent of this bill is spending – the other 85 percent is tax relief: • No across the | Read More »

    Preliminary notes from the ICCC breakfast: Tom McClintock.

    a href=””>Congressman Tom McClintock (R, CA-04) started off his comments at the ICCC breakfast session with reminding us about RFK Jr’s comment that global warming skeptics are quite a number of things, up to and including traitors. Not wanting to die a traitor’s death, McClintock then claimed that he came up with global warming long before Al Gore… in the third grade, when he noticed | Read More »