War on Food McEscalating

    I like bacon. I know, courageous stance right? Bacon is one of the delights of life on this earth. It’s a universal good, a boon; manna. But like any universal good on this earth, there are those who disapprove. PETA, for example, and for obvious reasons. Luckily, I don’t see PETA successfully instituting global bacon sharia anytime soon. On the other hand, they may not | Read More »

    Are McDonald’s hiring practices discriminatory?

    There is a McDonalds in my neighborhood which I have been patronizing for about 10 years. I go there about 3-4 times per month. In all those years the store has always been extremely well-run, clean, convenient and my order has not been screwed up even once. FYI, I rarely order anything in the standard configuration – I don’t like pickles, onions, etc. When I | Read More »


    Even within the members of my own family do I find that hypocrisy runs rampant when it comes to standing up for what we believe.  We’ve all heard of the “fair weather protesters”, those who will demonstrate against various issues but only so long as the weather cooperates.  Such is the case, in a manner of speaking, when it comes to standing up for what | Read More »

    Card Check’s Powerful New Opponent

    Would you want to defy McDonalds? Two of America’s largest unions have denounced McDonald’s Corp. this week following Crain’s story that the company is mobilizing franchisees against a law designed to make it easier for workers to unionize. The Service Employee International Union encouraged its 1.8 million members to send letters to McDonald’s in support of the proposed Employee Free Choice Act. The AFL-CIO issued | Read More »

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