RedState Interview: Kevin Raye (R CAND, ME-02).

    Maine is… interesting, this cycle.  The state as a whole is very likely going to go to Barack Obama: but ME-02 is generally considered to be more accessible to Romney.  This matters because Maine assigns its Electoral Votes by who wins its two Congressional Districts (with two going to the statewide winner): combine that with a legitimate candidate in ME-02 itself, and you have yourself | Read More »

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    Expanding the map: GOP moves to lock down ME-02.

    Essentially, the Restore Our Future Super PAC* will be putting in a 300K ad buy in that market over the next week. It’s a twofer: first, it helps blanket New Hampshire, which is one place where Obama for America is currently frantically trying to shore up its latest firewall.  Second, it covers… ME-02.  Recent partisan polling is showing Romney ahead, there: and since Maine is | Read More »

    Maine’s Congressional races

    Nobody put Maine’s two congressional seats on the table. Sure, every once in a while they would pop up at the bottom of someone’s list of 100+ seats in play, but no one was banking on these two. They don’t show up at all in Cook’s list of 103 potentially competitive Dem seats, and NRCC’s Young Guns program doesn’t even mention the Republican candidates as | Read More »