I usually enjoy the history, but now I am just angry

    I am usually one of the conservatives who hates to point to a media bias as the reason we face uphill battles around election season. My response has always been, “We simply need to speak louder and convince more people.” However, the modern Internet and mainstream media lynching I have witnessed recently has disgusted me to the core. I am no fan of Hillary Clinton. | Read More »

    Palin’s Daughter is Getting More Coverage then….

    Palin’s daughter is getting more press coverage then Obama being friends with terrorist William Ayers When will the liberal media actually give any coverage here?

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    RIP: Civility and Principles

    In case you haven’t heard, the unmarried 17-year-old daughter of Alaska’s governor is having a baby and marrying the father. But, of course, you HAVE heard that because, even with Hurrican Gustav taking (at last count) at least seven lives and leaving nearly 1 million without power, it was the story getting most of the time and attention of the anchorazzi and blogosphere yesterday (three! | Read More »

    NEW INFO: The Palin nomination is DOOMED.

    Amidst the New York Times’ concerns that John McCain picked Sarah Palin to be his running mate without fully vetting her – at least not enough to discover that her daughter was pregnant, her husband got a DUI two decades ago, and she defended her sister against an abusive lout – comes word of something McCain did know. This was from the report sent to | Read More »

    Media vs. McCain: Love Affair Ends as Media Finds Replacement Obama

    Media vs. McCain: Love Affair Ends as Media Finds Replacement, Obama Whenever you tell liberals that there is a media bias, they usually deny it and then turn to old faithful, “what about Fox News?” Well, if that’s the only example you can come up with, then that sort of proves the point. Then there is part 2, “what about talk radio?” Of course, talk | Read More »

    Obama Bounce: Biggest Sugar High in Polling History

    Headline one day after DNC convention: Obama’s huge bounce! Headline just after McCain picks Palin for VEEP spot on ticket: A desperate gamble! Headline now: Oops…polls show race back to being even…more people impressed by Palin than Biden Reporters and media pundits are not all leftists but they are all human (though I am willing to be convinced Keith Olbermann is an alien replicant). And | Read More »

    Ed Rendell Speaks Truth to Aristocracy

    Not a single individual in the room would have fessed up to it, but the room Ed Rendell spoke to on Sunday contained the closest thing that America has to undeserving feudal royalty. Governor Rendell addressed leading newsreaders of the three major TV networks. The Fourth Estaters present included Tom Brokaw, George Stephanopoulous and Bob Schieffer. He not only addressed them, but he dressed them | Read More »


    Frank Rich is an Awful Person

    I’m sure that you all remember the so called “disastrous” Senate race of former Virginia Senator George Allen back in 2006. However, it is extremely difficult to run a successful race of any kind when the mainstream media (particularly The Washington Post) is literally waging a jihad against you, but I digress. Anyway, you all are probably wondering what George Allen and Barack Obama have | Read More »

    Obama and the Press gets the Campaign out of the Gutter

    This is why I don’t bet my news from the traditional media anymore. Reporters from the Politico felt the American Public needed to know Obama has one house and Johm McCain seven. This fact may swing the election. McCain tried to desperately hide this fact. Obama campaign now jumping on this issue saying how could he be president. Multi-home ownership makes you definitely a resume | Read More »

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    The media calls it ‘negative campaigning’ when the GOP does the job they won’t do

    As the holder of a BA in Journalism, I’m always amused when the big market media start hyper-ventilating about Republicans going negative. It’s funny because the big media usually cover for the Democrat candidate (or cover-up, as in the case of John Edwards) and leave the GOP no choice but to ask the hard questions and do the investigative work that big media reporters are | Read More »

    For the media so loved John Edwards that they will disparage the other woman.

    The media since Edwards’s admission have been nothing if not on the STORY….but the story they are peddling is how a great man like Edwards could be taken in by a tramp like his mistress. Now I am not taking this woman’s side because she knew this letch was married and chose to lay down with him anyway. I could have told her “when you | Read More »

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    Talking Points Memo’s latest attempt to play the race card

    A new McCain ad titled “Fans Club” mocks several Barack Obama supporters for making fawning remarks about their leader: A girl says he (Obama) has “soft eyes”. Another man confesses: “I almost felt like crying” when Obama gave him an autograph. The last such supporter featured in the ad says, “hot chicks dig Obama”. Predictably, TPM’s young reporter Eric Kleefeld saw this last statement as | Read More »

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    What do you think of Human Events?

    I’m a writer whose credits include The Atlantic, The American Spectator and The Claremont Institute. A story I’m researching requires that I better understand who reads Human Events, and the various opinions conservatives have about the publication. I’d be grateful for anyone who e-mails their opinion to [email protected]

    Why Do We Continue To Call Them The Mainstream Media?

    I am perplexed by our continuing to label The New York Times, The Washington Post, CBS, NBC *(gag cough, sputter), and other media outlets like them the Mainstream Media. Just exactly what about them and their coverage of the world says they are like us.The so called Mainstream Media have lost enough viewership, and readership over the past 25 years to populate a small country. | Read More »

    The Edwards Story- Why It Matters

    “For a while you try to kid yourself that you’re going with an unmarried man. Then one day he begins to look at his watch…and it all begins to look- so ugly” – The Apartment, 1960 The moral issue of adultery is as old as the Scriptures, and the prudent man defers to them when it comes to judging someone else. Which means that we | Read More »